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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Busy reading Moby's Wikipedia, why was he disappointed to be "Straight"?!?
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  2. It did feel a little odd after the last few weeks of Rave TOTP suddenly being confronted with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Status Quo - were they consciously trying to appeal to older viewers again? The big revamp felt a little more like watching old 80s episodes again after a few weeks of Oceanic, Rozalla, Sabrina Johnston et al.

    No-one came a cropper singing live yet - Erasure, Belinda Carlisle, Cathy Dennis and Voice of the Beehive were all great.

    Have to say I hate the lack of the Top 40, it's such a fundamental part of the show for me.

    (also, hellooo Mark Franklin! He was giving me Paul Varney of Yell! "fame")
  3. I guess at the time there was still a lot of hostility to dance music and rave culture with tabloid scare stories so probably a lot of mixed feelings about the merits of it in mainstream programming.

    Radio 1 was still a couple of years from really getting behind dance music, with just the Essential Selection on Friday night. Status Quo were in fact one of the headline acts for Radio 1's 25 anniversary celebration in 1992. We were also 18 months away from the launch of Virgin 1215 and its claim of "real music".
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  4. No, the album was #10, not that song. The presenter didn't make this clear at all.
  5. The top 10 rundown was too early in the show. Plus it was silent, so any blind person had no idea what was where. Still needed the rest of the top 40.

    Was Mick Hucknall not singing live? Sounded too much like the recording. Some nice early promotion for a future single there.

    Whatever happened to the presenters? Do I care?!
  6. I think there was almost something for everyone - perhaps deliberately. Pop, R&B, rock, techno, even sort-of classical with Dame Kiri.

    I think he was singing live, there were definitely some ad libs thrown in. But Mick is a great live singer - he usually sang live on TOTP even when it was unfashionable to do so!
  7. Well that was all a bit weird.

    Good points: I like the new graphics (even if by 2021 standards they scream Paint Shop Pro is my passion). The studio's looking spruced up and less sad than it had become. The range of acts feels more even-handed, even if we get some random non-hits and album chart stuff.

    Bad points: The format's all over the shop. Presenters disappear, the chart is revealed too early (and only top 10!), no voiceover for said chart. Ending with the intro again?

    But how can I complain when we had Beldina, Dame Cathy and Mariah all in the space of two shows. Bit rude of them to interrupt Beldina when she was doing the washing up like that. Didn't even have time to take off her gloves.
  8. When I lived in Cardiff in the noughties I used to hear Mark Franklin on various radio stations across South Wales. I think he still lives there and works for Greatest Hits Radio now. He’s worth following on Twitter - he seems like a really nice chap.
    He’s the same age as me, I think - and cute and blond back then, too…
  9. Moby is aso weird on Sophie Ellis-Bextor book, inviting her to write with him in NY, then kinda ignoring her, then deciding he didn't want to be credited if she was going to release the song etc.
  10. It's so weird that they are now forced to sing live when there was that thing on the Story of 1988 that Fairground Attraction wanted to sing live but weren't allowed!
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  11. I have no recollection of there being another version of Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me just before the George & Elton version. Was it from that Two Rooms thing?
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  12. 2Unlimited live is so funny with "yeah" being repeated like 20 times!
  13. Quite enjoyed the first two episodes of the Year Zero Revamp last night, even that theme tune made it feel so much more 1991/90s than the past few episodes. Not too sure about the live vocal thing (doesn't always work for everyone let's face it), or the top 10 being rundown all too quickly at the start either. But on the whole, think it was the revamp the show needed at that point in time.
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  14. But fit though.... There I've said it.
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  15. I definitely agree that the too-early top ten with no voice-over is the weirdest part of new TOTP. I feel like no1 should be the big reveal of the show and they're giving it away in the first 5min (even though at the moment we all know full well it's still Bryan). The 30 second interviews with the artists are also painful. Poor Julian Lennon expected to sum up his grave concerns about the environment in one sentence to an overly cheery bloke he'd probably never met before.
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  16. Yes I believe it was - along with Kate Bush's "Rocket Man" of course!
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  17. Which garnered her a Brit nomination for best British female in 1993 - despite it being a hit in 91 and her releasing nothing else at all in 92.
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  18. For such a high-profile project, choosing Oleta as one of the two singles was surprising, but I suppose she was "hot" on the back of Get Here and the Circle Of One album going to #1 a few months earlier.

    Some really big names on that album (George Michael, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi) yet I don't know if it sold all that well. It was relegated to the compilaitons chart.
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  19. It's going to very strange when Bryan Adams' 4 month reign finally ends if it's still a no voiceover Top 10, such an anti-climax.

    I also miss seeing the whole Top 40 as you don't see the songs that are up and coming any more unless they're in the Breakers e.g. Finally/CeCe Peniston was a new entry in last episode but you would have no idea watching the show.
  20. Any TOTP experts know when the Top 40 is reinstated? I miss it already.
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