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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I know it's back by the end of the 90s, but as for any earlier, not sure sorry.
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  2. Me too. I used to sit there going "Choon, choon, lame, don't know it, cha-hoon (if it's something really amazing), lame" etc. But now it's just that silent top 10 which is not as exciting.
  3. I use the TOTP repeats to add to my year playlists too so now if a song is a new entry which peaks in the low 30s and doesn't get a breakers slot it will have been and gone and we will never know about it!
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  4. Seems insanity to have removed the chart element of TOTP, especially when the industry at the time were crying foul over stores using their own charts rather than the one official Top 40.
  5. The new entries are shown on screen before the top 10 rundown from February '92, but the full 40-11 doesn't come back until October.
  6. Didn't one of the presenters say that on next week's show there's a U2 exclusive? Would this be 'The Fly'? If so this is the beginning of the end for Bryan - only another month to go...!

    I'm sure I remember a top 20 being shown over videos later on, then getting expanded further as we go on.
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  7. Any idea when the Top 10 with voiceover comes back? Having it with silence is just odd. I know by 1994 it's back but surely we don't have to wait that long?!
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  8. Not long - 14/11/91
  9. Amused by all the complaints as if they're new shows and there's anything that can now be done to change it haha
  10. Phew! Now they just need to move it back to the end of the show and sorted!
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  11. Not till August
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  12. Wow, a whole year without the Top 40.

    Good to know the new entries are highlighted again at least.
  13. Just catching up and Voice of the Beehive definitely don’t sound totally live. If she is live then she’s singing over a loud backing track. Seeing the new format though I have to say is very nostalgic for me, I would have been 12 and watching every week by now.
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  14. I actually bought this single on cassette! All I can think is it must have been cheap and I’d obviously seen it on TOTP that week!
  15. Stevie is a legend, of course, but I doubt even he remembers that song.

    Actually a bit disappointed by the mostly solid live performances (I fast forwarded Status Quo and Morrissey, no thank you). Bring on the trainwrecks of Cappella etc!
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  16. Especially when the whole point of the show, including the title, is about the charts effectively!
  17. I think they realise their mistake and start voice-overing the top ten very quickly but I don’t think the rundown returns for a long time.

    The new format is a mess. The only thing I like are the live performances and the last episode of the old format demonstrated it could be done without having to reformat the whole show with Rozalla and Sabrina Johnston both bringing it.

    I think they get rid of these terrible presenters pretty quickly too and start having the guest presenters early in 1992…
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  18. At least there's far fewer videos now. I used to zap through most of those on the repeats.
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  19. Agree, very odd move.
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  20. 1994 is when the guest presenters arrive, along with the return of the Radio 1 DJs! One or both of the new presenters last until then if I remember rightly. A female presenter arrives at some point soon, Claudia Simon.
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