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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Thought I'd spotted both of those presenters from last night, on grainy YouTube clips, as late as 1994!
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  2. Yes Tony and Mark host alternate weeks in 93 and do their last shows in Jan 94.
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  3. It's fascinating though to see the BBC flailing around, trying out clearly flawed ideas and things that surely weren't ever going to be a success. You'd think all the trials (moving the chart reveals, voice-overs or not, interviews, all the bits and bobs) would be done behind the scenes, maybe even screen-testing it with selected focus groups to gauge reaction. Surprised they did it all in full view.
  4. Revamps, can either go one way or the other. 2003 revamp being very much in the other category shall we say!
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  5. The heavy handed "Year Zero" approach seemed to be a reflection of the approach of a lot of executives at the time.

    See also the Matthew Bannister revolution at Radio 1 where he did not anticipate what such radical change so quickly and acrimonious departures of DJs would have on the audience.

    Change is handled much more sensitively these days - pretty much all departures from radio and TV shows are now made out to appear voluntary.
  6. They were all over the shop with presenters within weeks:

    They even had Smashie & Nicey presenting in April, presumably as some kind of tongue in cheek reference to their previous presenters. I remember them joking about how to pronounce CeCe Peniston in the top ten rundown.
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  7. Not a rave tune in sight….

    @phoenix123 retrochart w/e 12/10/91

    01 05 01 02 Too Many Walls | Cathy Dennis
    02 01 01 06 The Promise Of A New Day | Paula Abdul
    03 06 03 07 Romantic | Karyn White
    04 02 01 06 The Big L. | Roxette
    05 08 05 03 Love To Hate You | Erasure
    06 07 06 04 Can't Stop This Thing We Started | Bryan Adams
    07 14 07 02 Nutbush City Limits '91 | Tina Turner
    08 16 08 02 Live Your Life Be Free | Belinda Carlisle

    09 04 02 05 Move To This | Cathy Dennis
    10 17 10 02 I Belong To You | Whitney Houston
  8. I quite liked some bits, the wider soundstage, the live vocals but what was Beldina wearing?! I love her as much as the next PJer but that skirt was fluffilyatrocious.

    As I said a few weeks ago, I can’t understand why I Think I Love You wasn’t top 10, total banger. And Cathy, beautiful woman, she went to my wife’s school in Norwich. A fine city..
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  9. Too Many Walls, another highlight from that excellent singles run of Move To This.
  10. Was Anita not part of 2 Unlimited during Get Ready For This then? I mean granted there wouldn’t have been much for her to do but it’s weird just seeing Ray and a bunch of random people.
  11. She was there on a keyboard
  12. Yeah she was defo there.
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  13. Anita looked FIERCE on a keyboard!
  14. She could play it with one finger too!
  15. I did look and thought that was her but then I decided it wasn’t her. Oh well at least she got promoted for the next single.
  16. Whoever thought of getting rid of the band and making them both performers (with added dancers) was a genius. I saw them right after No Limit smashed and the energy, wow.
  17. Received wisdom tells us the worst excesses of this era of TOTP are yet to come, but I have to say these first two instalments of "Year Zero" were nothing like as horrible as I was expecting. There were some excellent performances, nobody embarrassed themselves on the live vocal front. Although Ray* from 2 Unlimited didn't have much room for error ("YEAH!" YEAH YEAH!" Y'ALL READY FOR THIS!"). The new format needs some tweaking and the new hosts do need to dial back the inane grinning. Mark Franklin has a touch of the Goodiers about his presenting style, but sadly starts channeling Anthea Turner when tasked with questioning an artist, all wide eyes and teeth. Poor Belinda really just wanted to get on with singing the song in her marigolds.

    Someone upthread mentioned that they thought Voice of the Beehive were miming to part of their performance or had a backing tape but I've listened to it back and I think it was all live. Same with Simply Red. Say whatever you like about Mick Hucknall, and Christ knows we have and do, but he's got some exquisite pipes on him. Flawless vocals. Andy Bell was excellent too.

    I always thought Marc Cohn was older than that. In my memory he was well into his 40s and looking far grizzlier. Might have just been the way the video was shot. Oh - and the poignancy of watching that Queen "exclusive" made up old video clips with the benefit of hindsight, knowing it was cobbled together from existing footage for reasons that would become clear within weeks to the viewers in 1991.

    OH - and megaLOLz at Stevie Wonder driving that car full of children.

    *I know I was only 13 at the time but I don't remember Ray being so cute.
  18. I do. And he was often pictured shirtless or in some intriguing clothing. 2 Unlimited were an attractive act in general - I remember my older brother fancied Anita and as an 11 to 14-year-old I found Ray quite... fascinating. I found his style and attitude so much "hotter" than the likes of Marky Mark who everyone else used to get excited about.
  19. Ray & Anita are ICONS and deserve much more respect than they ever got.
  20. The VOTB performance - I think the final verse is just different enough from the record that I think it was live.

    Erasure opening the new-look was a great start. Kenny Thomas - not my jam, but he's a good vocalist live.

    The dance divas rocking the show made me realise that disco never truly died, it just went Hi-NRG and wandered through dance for a bit until the time for powerful dance divas and over-the-top production was back, and female-fronted dance could top the charts again.
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