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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Oh god these episodes are triggering a whole flood of 90s nostalgia and wondering what happened to the world....

    Julian Lennon's "Saltwater" reminds me that 30 years ago the environment was on people's minds. As the COP 26 meets in Glasgow to celebrate more than a quarter century of inaction, you have to think how come environmental politics never gained as much traction in the UK and USA as other countries.

    Status Quo - amazing how much three chords and old-fashioned blues rock can do.

    Belinda Carlisle's leather gloves remind me of the Go-go's line "Trashy novels and leather gloves, this is a list of the things that I love"

    Back to post later, there's too much to unpack in the next episode.
  2. Ray is 50 now (Anita will be 50 in December) and both still look great

  3. Aged very well.
  4. That's not Anita! She's called Kim and she's 37 haha. She used to be in a group called Dance Nation. Ray and Anita fell out again a few years ago sadly.
  5. That would explain why she looks so youthful!

    I saw 2 Unlimited at a "I Love The 90s" night at the end of 2019 and was sure that was Anita... Would that have been Kim too?
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  6. That was Kim! She is very good to be fair and I still enjoy their performances, though it's sort of become Ray featuring Kim a bit, with him properly taking the spotlight.
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  7. This was the closest Kim had to a UK hit... they had a few bigger ones in Netherlands and Germany in the 00s.

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  8. I used to be obsessed with this - CHOON!
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  9. 2 Unkimited
  10. In fairness, the first line in the song is about the hole in the ozone layer - which I believe has since started filling back in/patching up or whatever the scientific term is. So *some* good work must have been done in the 30 years.
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  11. Yeah I think largely due to the ban on CFCs
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  12. Likely a certain Australian man's influence in both countries.
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  13. Other thoughts
    Carl Cox! Was this the start of superstar DJ culture? Also, the dancers are wearing jumpsuits and headbands in a very lady miss Kier style.

    Marc Cohn - excellent performance. His song did not deserve "I'm raving I'm raving"

    Queen - of course, Freddy was still with us! Going to be upset if TOTP play Queen after his death.

    Cathy Dennis - still her best ballad.
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  14. Why? You know Bo Rhap was number 1 later in the year
  15. "Muriel pays piano", though.

    (I love his first 3 albums regardless).
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  16. I HATE Walking in Memphis, whether by Marc or Cher.
  17. The Cher version is Walking In Memphus, of course.
  18. I like Raving I'm Raving better!
    There.. I've said it now!
  19. I combine the best of both worlds, Cher's version over a rave beat!

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  20. Shut up and dance.
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