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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I'm surrounded by heathens and heretics....
    sets up a protective ward of Dannii Minogue singles and hair metal albums to ward off the taint.
  2. Walking In Meeeeeumphus, actually.
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  3. But what about this one?
  4. The new BBC Four DOG is a bit annoying

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  5. I am SO GLAD that you've mentioned this. I watch those Joy of Painting repeats and this new DOG is a joke. So huge, it interferes with the whole programme. Ugly font, wrong size, not opaque enough.

    God knows how it'll trash the TOTP re-runs. Ugh.
  6. The BBC don’t appear to have got their new logo and idents quite right yet. The “FOUR” is much too big on the DOG, yet on the idents it’s smaller than the BBC logo.
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  7. This should all have been tested first. Anyone can see the sizing is all wrong, surely. "It cost too much to pay for the old font license", we're told. Well that doesn't mean you have to make the new one too big, too solid, and completely ridiculous next to the tiny (new) BBC blocks.
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  9. I have no time for the original but Cher TOTALLY sells it! And yes, she absolutely does say 'Memphus' – but why?!?
  10. Conclusive proof that 2 Unlimited are better than David Bowie and Mariah Carey.
  11. No-one plays the keyboard one-handed like Anita can!

    Interesting that bands such as 2 Unlimited and Carter USM were, to me, a reaction against hoary old rock stars - yet TOTP is giving us 'exclusives' from U2, Queen, Genesis etc.
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  12. Mariah has spoke about how ill she was when she did that Emotions performance and how she had to sing it in a lower register
  13. I went into Baby Love expecting this legendary car crash performance but I think Dannii did well. She looked incredible and the Steve Silk Hurley remix still sounds so fresh.
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  14. Surely Enya wasn’t singing that live?
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  15. I remember watching it first time around and being impressed by how powerful her voice was.
    I guess we didn't know about her Young Talent Time fame back then (at least in the UK).
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  16. Good point.. she sounds dreadful when she does. How did she manage to get on and mime when they had such a strict rule?
  17. Get out!
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  18. Yeah, watching it to the end she was 100% miming.
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  19. Just watched on YouTube... There are about three parts where you can hear a live vocal come through, very quietly. Because her songs are just her own vocals layered over each over 4,000 times, she's managed to pull a bit of a swifty on TOTP here by using a backing tape containing enough of herself to obscure the live part. She does the same thing on "Book of Days" in a few months but they turn her mic up a bit more and you can hear the live vocals a bit better.

    They're making Ray yell out "Yeah!" live and make no concessions for Kylie's inexperienced live voice. They even make the KLF bring in a new live vocal from Tammy Wynette on a backing video for "Justified & Ancient" soon.

    They wouldn't have made any concessions for Enya - he even introduced it as a "live" performance which they NEVER do unless it actually is - she just had enough technical tools up her sleeve to screw them over.
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  20. Nice to see the classic Dannii performance where there is extreme mic feedback when she sings “cos I don’t remember where I am…”. She sounds a bit out of breath bless her.

    Was Baby Love really introduced as drum and bass?

    Lisa Stanfield looked stunning.

    As for Enya’s trickery…. I think we should be grateful. Derrrr derrrrr.

    How this woman became one of the biggest selling worldwide artists ever just by multi tracking her vocal….. the audacity. I don’t mind a bit of Enya and Book Of Days is amazing.
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