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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yep, it's very much a studio act. People are always like "did you know she's sold millions without ever touring!?" and it's like "Yep, there's a reason for that."
  2. Agreed. This was what I call her Emma Peel era. The previous album had her almost looking like a child because of her haircut, but for this era she’s very much a grown-up woman.
  3. Dannii - clearly "Drum and bass" meant something different in '91. I preferred the miming Dannii of just a few months previously.

    Lisa Stansfield - great singer, and I lover her soundtrack to the movie "Swing", although she never be my number one woman from Rochdale - I believe Anna Friel has that sewn up.

    Monty Python - Eric Idle clearly loved having the freedom to mess around on stage.
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  4. You could say she’s “All Woman”…I’ll see myself out.
  5. Carter USM watching Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and then directly following her performance - what a rollercoaster of sensations.
  6. I must say I did chuckle last week at the attempt to freshen the program up with new, young and hip presenters while at the same time trotting out a Stevie Wonder video exclusive and Status Quo live in the studio just because of an album chart position.
  7. A completely useless fact:
    Ce Ce Peniston shares the same birthday as me but is a year younger according to Wiki!

    "The Fly" still sounds amazing and was the moment when:
    U2 got very interesting
    The 90's had truly begun for me in a Musical sense
    The internet information age was just around the corner.
    I was lucky enough to see U2 on tour in 1993 with support from Bjork and the Stereo MC's.
  8. The first episode is basically Now 20 (with Baby Love thrown in to make one of the crappest Nows a bit better).

    Was Eric Idle live? he seemed a bit too much like the record as well.
  9. Seeing Kiri Te Kanawa has reminded me that back then I thought she looked like Beverley Robinson (mk II) from Neighbours.

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  10. Yes he was. It's not really singing is it.
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  11. Love the short clip they used for the Top 10 countdown in the first episode (which I'm watching now) - a man falling off the top of a building. It was probably funny in its original context but looked a bit grim on its own for three seconds.
  12. I really don't like the "New" format Top of the Pops! Around this time (Oct 1991) - I switched off watching TOTPs and used to watch it occasionally throughout the decade!
    The Top Ten Countdown format is completely rubbish (as it the new TOTPs theme music) - it's great to see a clip of the Music video in the countdown - but with the correct sound as well please. I supposed it would have been too much of a copy of "The Chart Show" if they did that....and why no playout record? More of the crap theme music! I can't stand the two presenters either - don't get me started on the "interview the star" bit as well - imho - there was nothing positive about the new format! At this point - the show should have been moved to BBC2 and extended to an hour - this would have cultivated a more loyal following and away from competition from "The Chart Show"

    My apologies - one positive thing - was the "Live" vocals!
    God, I must have been an "angry young cub" around this time!
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  13. Vic Reeves’ live singing was awful. It’s a pity TOTP couldn’t have bent the rules just for him so we didn’t have to hear that. I felt sorry for The Wonder Stuff - they have a decent singer who only gets a few lines at the end. Still, Vic sold that record for them so I suppose they didn’t mind putting up with it.
  14. You mean you aren't enjoying Mark Franklin's iconic 5 second interviews?

    I wonder if having the likes of Status Quo, Slade, Stevie Wonder and Paul Young was a deliberate ploy to get the older viewers back after the all rave episodes of the last few weeks of the old format? As it is it ends up falling between two stools and appealing to no-one! I was 17 when these episodes went out and I remember loving the era of Oceanic, Rozalla, Sabrina Johnston, Utah Saints, Brothers In Rhythm et al and I would have hated 75% of these episodes since the revamp.
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  15. I didn't understand a word of what Tony Dortie said when he introduced Tin Machine
  16. How on Earth did Slade have a Top 40 hit in 1991?!
  17. They get more sublime every episode.

    MARK: Hi [artist] Tell us about your new tour.
    ARTIST: Yeah, we're going on tour in January, right across the country.
    MARK: Great. And here's a video exclusive from U2.
  18. I hear you but I have been enjoying the sheer variety of the acts featuring. The Monty Python performance raised a grin (why was it back in the charts, does anyone know?) And there was lots to love in Dame Kiri's "World In Union". Where to start? Her obviously reading the lyrics off a monitor next to her right foot? Her not knowing what to do during that instrumental break that went for about an hour? Or the pivot to Carter USM on the adjacent stage - surely the greatest dissolve between TOTP stages until The Androids performed "Do It With Madonna" in 2003 in front of Madonna, who was waiting to perform "Hollywood" about 20 metres away straight afterwards.
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  19. I think I've heard him badly fudge at least one word in every episode since he's been host. He does trip over his tongue a bit.
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  20. Couple of meh episodes, but at least had an excellent live vocal from Lisa Stansfield in the first and then by Mariah Carey, both of which are two of my favourite songs by theirs. The respective remixes that go with them, are very strong too. Oh, and nice to see Mark Franklin in white jeans and then a leather jacket too. Yes, I like.
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