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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. BBC page now updated with 1998 confirmed for 23rd at 7pm. 2002 not showing yet. The NYE 2014 show has appeared for the 31st.

    Christmas 2021 is confirmed for 12 noon on the big day, BBC One.

    None of the Christmas TOTP2s are showing anywhere yet oddly. They usually show a few of those!
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  2. The new NYE special is on 4.15 BBC1
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  4. "Christmas Hits" again.
  5. Last Christmas it broke my heart...
  6. Think I shall be giving the modern one a miss!
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  7. Looks alright to me. And it's part of the Christmas Day tradition in our household. I'm glad it's still going!
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  8. And fair enough too!

  9. TOTP USA 1987 Christmas special, presented by Nia Peeples and featuring Stevie Nicks, The Bangles, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and more.
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  10. Ours too. In fact it's a running joke with my mum whether she will have dinner ready just at the wrong time so I'll miss TOTP. (Yes, that joke pre-dates iplayer etc)
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  11. Ha! That used to be a standing joke in our house too!
  12. Nice find, thanks!
  13. Still no sign of The Story of 1991...

    That first 1992 episode looks terrible bar Kym Sims, shame we aren't skipping that one!
  14. I hope 1991 Story Of is meant to be finally closer than ever to be being aired, but still see no reason why they holding if off now.
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  15. Do we know if it’s actually been made? If not, there doesn’t seem much point in it being shown now.
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  16. That's what I am thinking to be totally honest.
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  17. Another conspiracy theory: The Story of 1991 would inevitably talk about the TOTP revamp, most of which wouldn't be positive, so perhaps the BBC simply don't want to air such views about the legendary show. And they can't just ignore the changes, or give them a particularly glowing review! Maybe they're just trying to save Mark Franklin and Tony Dortie's blushes.
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  18. We know from multiple sources that 91 and 92 have been made. And Tony Dortie said only the other week that it will be on BBC Two "next year" - presumably on a Saturday night.

    It's a little odd and frustrating that we still haven't seen 91, though considering all the previous ones were repeated at random times on BBC Two and got over a million viewers, it doesn't really matter when they're shown.

    I can only guess that's what the schedulers are thinking now. And maybe clutching at straws slightly, I suppose there is more to think about when scheduling BBC Two so they couldn't necessarily fit it in at Christmas/New Year, and maybe they don't want to hold back the BBC Four weekly shows until they find a gap.

    But I really don't think there's any reason why we won't see them soon. They've never shied away from negative sides of TOTP in the docs before (apart from JS etc obv), if anything it makes them more interesting.
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