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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. BRRRR!

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  2. When wonderbras were new and Kylie discovered them.
  3. The second show was better although the first was worth it for a topless James Dean Bradfield. What a snack.

    Over 5 minutes of Michael Jackson the week after they had shown the 9 minute video? They showed the Bryan Adams video in full too. I don’t mind too much as I liked both but that’s a third of the show gone. They used to be really stingy with videos. I think the only showing of Express Yourself back in 1989 when it entered at #10, the best video ever, got TWO minutes.

    It was nice to see the joy of Sharon Redd considering she died only 3 months later.
  4. I like Remember The Time, the best single/song from Dangerous in my view, but his videos are always so well, slightly pretentious. Glad it was skipped now the prior episode with the complete video in full.
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  5. For me, 1992 got better in the second half of the year. Sort of from June/July onwards.
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  6. The Precious / Too Funky / Hazard era as I like to call it.

    Also I hope they don’t skip this:
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  7. Yep, Cyndi and Sophie B led the fightback, with George and Richard Marx in support.
  8. Gutted they skipped this this week

    It would certainly have livened up proceedings.
  9. Not bad looking on the eye either, the lead singer.
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  10. Loved that, and fancied him like mad!
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  11. I remember Cicero doing the rounds on Saturday morning kids TV.
  12. He was the only singer! Cicero was a solo male.
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  13. Def Leppard looked quite different in their video of ‘Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven’.
  14. They thought they'd died as Bryan Adams.
  15. Still would.

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  17. Three.
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  18. This! I loved the Manics so much. They seemed so cool and rebellious. I saw them at the Reading festival in 1994, not long before Richey disappeared, it was amazing.
  19. I remember that even Smash Hits picked up on them.
    I normally don't like men playing guitars, but I make an exception for the Manics. At the beginning they had a queer aesthetic about them.
    I worked in Newport for several years in the Noughties and quite often you would see Nicky Wire walking along in the street, in the queue in Boots etc.
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