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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Ooh is that tonight? My all time favourite Kylie single!
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  2. My all time favourite Kylie track! I can’t wait!

    Actual footage of me and @idratherjack during the clip:
  3. Not my absolute favourite (that would be Confide In Me) but it's definitely up there
  4. Sure is-and total taste right there you have!!
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  5. Tony Dortie described Baker Street as a drum 'n' bass cover of an 80s song. It was from 1978 - and that is not drum 'n' bass!
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  6. Good to see even the "new breed" of TOTP presenters were coming out with the same old ignorant/incorrect tosh.
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  7. The girl on the front row for Take That who hid her face as soon as the cameras came past - aww bless!
  8. Queensryche??? I have no memory of this bad or song whatsoever.
  9. Probably an East 17 fan.
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  10. Love a bit of 90s TOTP candelabra action.
  11. Silent Lucidity was a bit of a sleeper hit. Released twice (1991, 1992) and a medium sized US hit. It's a bit Marillion Mk.2 -esque.
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  12. That first episode ended on the theme music again rather than a music video.
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  14. I just noticed I typed bad instead of band. A Freudian slip?
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  15. Oh yes! Amazing! Thanks. I actually watched the entire thing again on YouTube. It's amazing. Our discovery of this TV highlight of the last century was December 2020. I was shocked! I thought it was like last summer or something.
  16. Take That should have mimed
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  17. Jam really was terrible.
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  18. I feel like there's an exclusive showing of a Jacko Dangerous single every week on this. And all of his videos have his celebrity friends in them ... Macaulay Culkin, Eddie Murphy, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kriss Kross ...
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  19. The Dangerous singles era didn't pan out like I hoped. AT ALL.
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