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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The Story of 1994 was, as I feared, way too Britpop heavy, I only perked up halfway through at the appearance of Spagna and Sabrina to herald the arrival of Whigfield who was much more a part of my 90s than Elastica or the Cranberries.

    The Big Hits was better, loved seeing Corona, Kylie and Kate Bush in particular.
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  2. I watch these docs partly thinking "I'll go on Complaint Corner on PJ and I'll read this, this and this..."
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  3. Elastica and Shed Seven really weren't what 1994 was ever about. Even at the time.
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  4. 1994 was the year I stated working in a record shop, towards the end. (Baby D was number one.) The key Britpop acts like Suede, Blur and Pulp were up and running but weren't the narrative, really.

    Elastica and Shed Seven should have been in the 1995 doc.
  5. 1994 seemed to be a lot of acts beginning to gain momentum who went big in 1995/6. But that wasn't really covered at all.

    M People, Lightning's Wild Wood going from strength to strength...Massive Attack....oh and Crocodile Shoes of course.

    I feel they are rushing these, and it's turning into a C5 level of insight.
  6. I shan't have ANY Elastica slander. What an album.

    I never dared touch the second album though.
  7. No slander of that debut, it's just very 1995 for me!
  8. To be fair, these totp review years have always covered bands when they broke through for the first time rather than when they may have been at their most popular. Madness in 1979, Spandau in 1980, Duran in 1981. I guess they try to show the emerging changes of the music scene and of totp, along with the big acts.
  9. Ha same for me. I was a pure Britpop Popstarz kid in 95 and literally lapped up Elastica.
  10. I am startling to think these Story Of's more than ever, are mostly just a case of "Oh you are free for an interview? Great!"
  11. Odd how they focused on East 17 and Boyzone but haven't had any of Take That as talking heads given how massive they were. Maybe Jason Orange was busy.
  12. Maybe they are saving him for Story Of 1996?... (Doubt it)
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  13. I caught up on the story of 1992, 1993 and 1994 last night! Crowded House were great! Loved Jarvis Cocker on Pop Quiz. The wedding Present and Carter USM seemed very polite and down to Earth. The Orb seemed to be on Planet Uranus! East 17 had great tunes and so did the Stereo MC's. Gabrielle in hindsight was very different and refreshing. I loved her singles from later in the decade.
  14. And of course, one of East 17 and Gabrielle's biggest ever hits, was their duet too boot!
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  15. Well Jason wouldn't talk anyway, but haven't we heard the Take That story enough times at this point?
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  16. I reckon there was a budget underspend, and so they decided to do all the Story of the 90s in one go.
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  17. It felt weird watching the story of 94 when the repeats aren't even into 93 yet. Almost like spoilers (an odd thing to think about things that happened almost 30yrs ago, but you see what I mean). I enjoyed it, but I'm hoping we get a bit of time to catch up before launching into 95.
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  18. What can one wait an age for the TOTPS 1991 bus and then 1992, 1993 and 1994 come along right behind it!
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  19. They've done them all in one go because the repeats of the 70s and 80s ones were so popular on BBC Two.

    Strange though that they're showing them quite early in the evening, when surely they'd do better at 9pm or so. Wondering if the plan is to show these again at a later date in a later slot, to squeeze as much value out of them as possible.
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  20. Hope they do as I keep forgetting they're on and missing half of them.
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