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Top of the Pops BBC4

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Travesty. Even my husband, who is not particularly a Madge fan, said "tune" when it started.
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  2. Deeper And Deeper, is a delight and truly underrated.
  3. Daddy couldn't be all wrong.
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  4. I heard that somewhere too. If it’s true, Gary must have hated it even more!
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  5. The obvious references to The Sound of Music and her own Vogue, while incorporating them into a completely new song, definitely does work here.

    The balloons in the video signify something don’t they? She loses the last one at the end… she’s not dying is she? Oh no, that’s the next single, Bad Girl, where she really does die in the video (worse - murdered) and comes back as a ghost at the end (or something).
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  6. Mine was Little Jimmy Osmond’s Long Haired Lover From Liverpool, all of you thank yourself lucky!
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  8. You have my commiserations, I hate that song too but console yourself with the thought that there's always someone, somewhere worse off...

    "Can you tell what it is yet?"
    Official Singles Chart Top 50 | Official Charts Company

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  9. What's quite strange is that for years I thought my birthday #1 was "Every Breathe You Take" which I absolutely HATED thanks to that AWFUL maudlin cringe-fest 1997 Puff Daddy etc single. When I discovered it was actually "True" I put it down to a rounding/date error when I must have worked it out as I was born on the very last day "True" was at the top. Then recently I discovered there was a whole other #1 single in between ("Candy Girls" by New Edition) so now I've no idea how I was mistaken for such a long time.

    At least I sorta like "True", although I'd never actually play it by choice.
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  10. My birth date is 6/9/69 and the UK Number one was..."In the year 2525" which was covered by Visage in 1980!
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  11. True was also number 1 on my birthday except I’d already had several birthdays by then.
  12. Think mine is something like Knock Three Times by Dawn, which I've never been interested in hearing.
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  13. Coz I Luv You by Slade. Actually only their second hit, but the first of six number ones for them.
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  14. It’s quite good....
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  15. Mime is Duran Duran - The Reflex. Always been happy with that
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  16. Mine is a really shit one. 'Woodstock' by Matthews Southern Comfort. I'd have preferred the previous Number one, 'Band of Gold'. At least everyone knows that one!
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  17. If it's any consolation one of my Ex's was at the actual event itself! The original Woodstock concert - not your birth that is!
  18. Mine was Down Down by Status Quo - not their best, but a pretty good tune nonetheless. I was born mid Jan, but it had only *just* knocked Lonely This Christmas by Mud off the top spot. Why people were still buying that I have no idea. My husband's was Elvis, which seems really weird for 1977 until you figure out that he was born a week after Elvis died.
  19. Telly Savalas was at number 1 and replaced by the Bay City Rollers on the day I was born.
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