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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The album version of Why can't I wake so bad compared to the single remake.

    I feel Take That v1 had at least one more album in them and their solo careers (especially Gary's) would have done so much better. Robbie leaving just hastened matters so quickly. A 4th album with just the four of them in late 96 with some new sounds and then the Greatest Hits in 1997 to bid farewell with.
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  2. Was Why Can't I Wake Up With You, on both Take That And Party, with the single remix on Everything Changes? Seems odd to launch your 2nd album, with an lead single that was already off (abiet in a different version) your 1st.
  3. Well, they didn't really - the Everything Changes album didn't come out until the October.
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  4. It's ALMOST a completely different track though. The original version bares so little resemblance to the single version. I can understand the logic of the hit version being on there. It's not like a Britney Radar thing.
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  5. Maybe, but it was still first single from it all the same.
  6. It wasn't, it always was a Take That & Party single? That was then tucked on Everything Changes.

    Also should've been a single:

  7. If I am wrong about thinking it was a lead single I do apologise.
  8. I've never heard the Take That & Party original version...perhaps that's a good thing. I remember the video for the single being on The Chart Show and thinking, wow is this the same band....this is like a George Michael's amazing. Glad I didn't rush out and buy the debut on CD, I'd have been very confused! I just waited for Everything Changes to come along...I'd liked Pray by then as well.
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  9. It's more of a usual Bar-lad than the single. Sounds like it was a sort of demo that got stuck on the album.
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  10. I think Take That & Party was a decent, fresh, clubby pop debut, it did what it had to do. The debut that felt like demos and half arsed ideas was the East 17 one, dd. Bar 'Love Is More Than A Feeling' and the singles, the filler!!
  11. I only bought Walthamstow last year, for about £1.
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  12. I suppose the key thing is that it wouldn't have been promoted as the lead single off the second album at the time. It is unusual to put on a single remix on the subsequent album, but they weren't launching a second album with it.
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  13. I can think of Michelle Gayle's two albums both including Happy Just to Be with You - album version on her debut and single remix on the follow up.

    Me too, for a bit less though. ;-) Mine has the awful album version of It's Alright on it - I think I need the other version of the album.
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  14. Kylie is now older than Tina Turner was at the time of this godawful TOTP intro on Top of the Pops in 1989.

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  15. And now aged 73 she looks younger than she did then. She looks incredible these days.
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  16. I feel like Why Can't I Wake Up With You is one of Take That's lesser singles. The remix to me seemed kind of dated at the time - the whole 'uno dos uno dos tres cuatro' felt almost as overused as 'woo yeah'. I'd have probably liked it more had it had more of an Independence/The Love I Lost kind of piano-led 1993 style uptempo remix.
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  17. I'm just catching up on Biggest Hits 1994, and Olga from Corona is obviously miming. Does anyone know when the live vocal rule was stopped?

    I'm wondering if the legendary Move On Baby performance from Dame Kelly Overett of Cappella in February 94 was the reason for this change...
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  18. So Ric Blaxill's first show was 3 Feb 1994. I'm fairly sure this Charlatans performance from that show is mimed.

    But then virtually every performance after that for several months (looking through the setlists and remembering - 1994 is a year I've re-watched a lot!) is live, with Doop the only exception that stands out.

    Then Cappella mime U & Me on 23 June, then followed by Two Cowboys, Bad Boys Inc and Shampoo in July, then DJ Miko, Sean Maguire and Corona.

    So my guess would be that whilst Ric was more relaxed about miming, he probably didn't mention that at first - and artists and pluggers were by then used to the rule, so didn't know they could even ask to mime. And then after it became more apparent that some acts were miming, those who wanted to started asking to do so again.

    He probably should've insisted on Real McCoy miming!

    They seem to have even needed to quickly cobble together a dodgy instrumental to sing live to! A bit like the days of the Top of the Pops Orchestra!
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  19. Anyone else appreciate the running order last night putting Kym Mazelle after The Beloved?

    "Little Richard, little Nell
    Willy Wonka and William tell
    Salman Rushdie and Kym Mazelle
    Hello, hello, hello, hello"
  20. 1993 has well and truly arrived now that Whitney has been deposed from #1 - top tunes were the dance tracks from 2 Unlimited, M People, Gloworm, The Beloved and Kym Mazelle (I'd like to think that running order was intentional but that's probably giving them too much credit!)
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