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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Duran’s performance of Ordinary World was the first time in ages I’ve really listened to the song. Tis beautiful and baffling why it didn’t hit number one. Though given it was their best chart placing in eight years, they were probably pleased.
  2. Ordinary World is outstanding. Somehow, even it's peak of #6 felt too low.
  3. Duran Duran peak for me with their next single. Come Undone is the best thing they ever did.
  4. Only vaguely aware of this one. Shall keep an eye out for it on the repeats.
  5. I’d forgotten all about that Kym Mazelle track until last night…pretty sure I’ve not heard it since 1993, but what a TUNE! Imagine my disappointment to find out it’s not on available to stream anywhere.

    2nd favourite moment from last night was The Beloved again. Jon Marsh looks like he’s sculpted from marble….swoon.
  6. Love Me The Right Way is an absolute anthem isn't it? I ended up buying the CD single off Discogs last year having previously only owned it on a compilation cassette in 1993. It's always nice to see Kym Mazelle who really should have had a much bigger career.
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  7. Gloworm was my standout rare track this week - I don't think I've heard that since it was in the charts, and the success of follow up Carry Me Home almost kind of wiped my memory of it.
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  8. Probably didn't help in that the performance shown last night they cut the song 2 minutes short so we could see the Def Leppard video in full.

    No.6 for a band some people thought or hoped were over commercially isn't bad but agree it should still have gone higher.
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  9. I’ve been Discogging the life out of it for the past 24 hours haha.
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  10. When is all this awful (in my view of course) heavy metal/rock stuff from Def Leppard, Metalica, Guns And Roses etc, gonna finally disappear out of the charts?! At least one of these episodes seems to have one of their songs one way or another! Sounds very dated now too I think.
  11. Def Leppard were OK. They had a softer rock sound that had a broader appeal, I quite like a lot of their songs.

    Joe Elliott seems to be turning up for anything these days, he was even on Sounds of the 80s Kate Bush special on Friday, talking about Sat In Your Lap.
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  12. Fair enough, just as I say, none of that stuff at all is for me!
  13. Definitely some time in 1993.. though Def Leppard went on to have a big hit in 95 (which I rather liked!)
  14. Good to know it's not too long now in that respect.
  15. It sounded really dated at the time too, trust me!
  16. When rap metal and new metal turn up to dominate the charts you'll be BEGGING for hair metal to come back, believe me. Limp Bizkit are perhaps popular music's nadir.
  17. I can certainly imagine!
  18. I haven't heard it in years but how much does the riff in Glowworm's 'I lift my cup' sound like the intro of 'Better the devil you know'?
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  19. When Love and Hate Collide. A big rock power ballad, similar to Love Bites in 1988. Somehow Def Leppard managed to cross over into the mainstream without alienating their hardcore fans (and they were massive in the US too). It’s not the sort of music I’d normally listen to but they make it very appealing. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica and all the others won’t be missed though.
  20. The show has to cater for all tastes. Def Lepard's sound and look does scream 1987 rather than 1993, so I agree it's dated, but they have to show what's charting and across all genres.
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