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Top of the Pops BBC4

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I get that. Still don't like it though! Fair enough for those who do.
  2. I thought the Stereo MCs live performances over the 92, 93 episodes was totally top notch. Wish I’d seen them live then, Connected was one great album.
  3. How did they never follow it up? Crazy!
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  4. They did, with a bit of a flop album in about 2001.
  5. I had no idea! Far too late by then.
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  6. They were great - I saw them at Wembley Stadium August 1993 supporting U2 along with Bjork - Great day!
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  7. Their 1989 album is pretty good, 33 45 78 but not as good as Connected.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Listed for Saturday 2nd July from 9-10.30pm.
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  9. Love how it's C5 who make a doc dishing the dirt on a BBC classic. This should have been a Beeb effort, like the one they did for Blue Peter.
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  10. For whatever reason the BBC don't seem to like to portray anything negative about TOTP these days - the 1991 Story of made no mention of anything but the positives of Year Zero and the new format and inexperienced presenters, nothing bad. This Channel 5 documentary does look quite interesting.
  11. What scandal for the early 90s? Mark Franklin's huge hair gel bill?
  12. There is a massive obvious TOTPs scandal - I wonder if Channel 5 will mention Operation Yew Tree?
    The white elephant in the room?
  13. Dropped from the schedule-they're now showing Morecambe & Wise:30 Funniest Moments on Saturday 2nd July from 8.30pm-10.30pm.
  14. Typical Channel 5!
  15. Presumably BBC lawyered up?
  16. Channel 5 bottled it?
    Then give the programme to Channel 4!
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  17. Well, that's just rubbish Channel 5. Hey ho
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  18. My husband's been unwell this year so I'm running way behind on these repeats, but I'm up to September 1992 and frankly gutted we never got a studio performance of Rhythm Is A Dancer. Were they being arses or just unavailable, does anyone know?
  19. We did "lose" quite a few 1992 eps due to the Adrian Rose factor. Can't remember for sure, but there may have been a studio spot on one of those. Or did the rapper guy upset people with that earlier performance of a single (it was mentioned here somewhere when those repeats were on).
  20. I suspect it was a mixture of 1: The record was selling regardless 2: Turbo B was being ousted (only getting a rap in the middle bit) so he probably wasn't playing ball 3: The singer wasn't available (or was a ghost singer, which they had previous for) and as TOTP was live vocals now they couldn't just pretend like they did before.
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