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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I suspect it was the Turbo B conflict. Thea Austin was a real singer.
  2. I've been watching the missed episodes as well, and alas, not an appearance in studio among them. However, I got my life to those kids busting some shapes on stage to "Sesame's Treet" by Smart E's! Not sure I can remember that last time something on TV had me grinning so much. And I hate the song.

  3. With R Kelly's conviction we will be skipping a lot of episodes in the 90s and 00s (and rightly so). I doubt they would attempt to edit him out as it would be too costly and/or time consuming for these repeats.
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  4. They might do. They have made some edits to 80s shows for Glitter and other reasons, though they don't always do so. They skipped the recent Rolf episode but that might just be because it was an awkward edit to do.

    I suspect we'll lose the weeks I Believe I Can Fly was #1, but the TOTP2 playouts of Glitter might be easier to lose. Otherwise we're due to lose 5 episodes now from 1994.
  5. I think R Kelly is a horrible man but a shame we might not get these episodes.
  6. Did he ever perform She's Got That Vibe or Bump N Grind on the show?
  7. Video of Vibe and performances of Grind and Your Body's Callin
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  8. I was naturally more into pop and dance music at the time rather than dad rock, but I remember being obsessed with that performance by Bryan Ferry. A great performance and a great cover!
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  9. Surprised Depeche mode didn't get a video clip shown for I Feel You as it was a big comeback at the time. I seem to remember in an early 1993 totp episode them announcing some of their "exclusives" coming up and DM were mentioned. Wonder if they backed out so totp decided to snub them.

    Don't mind love song for a vampire but would much have preferred Annie to recreate the Little Bird video on totp.
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  10. That Right said Fred 'song' has to be one of the worst recordings I've ever heard.
  11. It was pretty awful. There was barely a tune and not even remotely funny with its obvious innuendos. Not that they were ever amazing but RSF nosedived quickly after their first number 1 hit.
  12. That performance of Heart (Don't Change My Mind), by Miss Ross in the 2nd episode, was truly fabulous-what an star! She looked stunning too and a slightly different more youthful look for her. The fifth and final top 40 UK hit from The Force Behind The Power, no less.
  13. Diana Ross saved what was a pretty grim second episode. She looked amazing, every inch the superstar.

    I loved Annie Lennox's mesmerising performance of Love Song For A Vampire (she looked like she was auditioning for Shakespears Sister) but it was a shame she didn't do a studio performance of Little Bird too with the Annie through the ages theme of the video.

    I don't recall ever hearing In Your Care before but I instantly preferred it to Sleeping Satellite, pity it stalled at #16.
  14. Yes, In Your Care, is much better for my liking too. Should have been top 10!
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  17. I suppose if anything at the time, they were trying to keep hold of the older viewers, as much as the younger ones?
  18. In fairness, Cliff was still having hit after hit around this point, and a hit album. Soon-to-come Peace In Our Time is decent, in my opinion.
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  19. What was Cliff's 'jumping the shark' moment? Millennium prayer? Or had the rot long since set in and that was the straw that broke the camel's back?
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  20. For me it was M&W Christmas 1988
    I love Cliff's singles run from 1980 to 1982!
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