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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yeah but I just don't have the heart was a bop though!
  2. "Remember me" and "Lean on you" are two post jump the sharks tunes for me!
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  3. His first dodgy material in years was on Real As I Wanna Be, pretty good run from 1976 though.
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  4. When he thought he was Healthcliff (1995).

    Just no.
  5. I forgot about that! Oh well he was halfway there. Heath-Cliff.
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  6. A Misunderstood Man and Had To Be with ONJ were class, the project stank but not because of the songs.
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  7. His best song for me-one of SAW's own best too.
  8. I liked how he got a middle 8, they didn't bother with most of their songs!
  9. Cliff and ONJ? Suddenly I think of Xanadu!
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  10. Truly honoured in that respect!
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  11. Just don’t have the heart had a middle eight?
  12. Why has BBC Four HD disappeared from Freeview and when did this happen?
  13. Sound the Pat Kane klaxon!
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  14. Disappeared last week. Has been temporarily taken off air to upgrade capacity & coverage or something. Supposedly will be back later but no mention of when, unfortunately.
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  15. I had managed to block out the reggae onslaught of 1993 from my mind but it's starting now with Shaggy, Snow and the odious Shabba Ranks, ultimately leading to the twin horrors of Pato Banton and Bitty McLean... *shudder*

    Bring on Eurodance and quick!
  16. Were Shabba and featured lady completely out of time with the music? Sounded odd
  17. "If I stopped to think about
    The good times that we shared
    I could fool myself believing
    That somehow love, love was still there"

    Most SAW tracks didn't bother with a middle 8. They just had an instrumental verse after the 2nd chorus.
  18. Yes, about 10 channels have gone. Not sure how many (if any) will return.

    I've lost all the freeview channels from my HDD/DVD combo anyway, so watch/record everything via glorious analogue.
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  19. One of those episodes last night was so bad we switched it off after Sister Sledge.
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  20. I absolutely despised reggae at the time, although as I've got older I don't mind it so much when it's cross-pollinates into other things. I guess it just sort of sounded really naff to 10-year old Scottish schoolboy ears miles and miles removed from anywhere where there is cultural ties to the sound.

    That said, I really really have a soft spot for "Sweat (A la, la, la, la, long)"
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