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Top of the Pops BBC4

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I don't mind Carolina but Shaggy sounded quite startlingly off-key in both performances. Shabba Ranks and Snow were both rubbish though. And both look like they took themselves way too seriously.

    I was very happy to see Therapy? - i didn't know they'd ever performed on TOTP. I suspect they're not very popular here though! Screamager was a huge tune in the clubs I went to at the time. Teethgrinder too, a classic industrial bop.
  2. The only reggae I like is Ace of Base!
  3. I love Therapy? Their early rough EPs and the major label albums are all great, the indie stuff since is so-so. "Screamager" is just anthemic. They kinda shot themselves in the foot keeping a UK mainstream audience with the production and the presentation of the Infernal Love album, but they were huge in Europe and then the A&M/Mercury buyout in 1998 derailed that too ("Lonely Crying Only" shoulda been huge). Been playing to their base ever since but still putting in the shows.
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  4. I was piqued to see Therapy on the EPG line-up, as I don't think I knowingly recall them, though the name was everywhere for a while. One of their albums has a bloke with his head stuck in a dustbin, which is my lasting memory of the band I'm afraid!
  5. Not a vintage couple of shows, in fact excluding the Sister Sledge remix in the first episode and the Hue and Cry remix in the second, the worst two episodes (or certainly the least Popjustice friendly) I can recall since I've been watching these repeats since 1983. Culture Beat and Cappella can't come soon enough!
  6. This! A genre not for me at all gotta say. In fact, think those two particular episodes last night, were the hardest to watch yet-or rather not, much of it I skipped through.
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  7. I've finally caught up on all of 1992's episodes and will now watch the Big Hits/Story of 1991/2/3 before heading into 1993.

    For me, the sound of TOTP1992 will forever be a Mark Franklin V/O very politely introducing an earfuckingly noisy rave anthem seconds before a female vocalist launches into a screeching off-key attempt to replicate the sample on the record. I feel like it must have happened at least 20 times.
  8. I think I'll rather miss Mark Franklin and Tony Dortie come the 1994 showings.
  9. Yes I've really warmed to both of them now (particularly Mark Franklin who is such a cutie!)
  10. Oh, he certainly is for sure! Love his voice in particular!
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  11. Hue & Cry….
    So what were the three members of a random New Wave group who seemed to be passing by doing?!
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  12. I loved the Christmas episode where he was doing a link to camera and a confetti cannon or something went off in the background and he says "Goodness me" and then carries on with whatever was on the teleprompter. A presenting style from another era completely and so utterly charming with it.

    People kept warning how awful this "Year Zero" revamp was but I've loved it, for all it's faults - and there are a few - and like the above poster, I'm gonna miss both of them when they're gone too.
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  13. Yes, Year Zero, for the most part hasn't been that bad. Both Dortie and Franklin are naturals for the show, Give me them anyday over the "Golden Mic" Celebs. Kylie's stint aside of course!
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  14. I watched the Story of 1999 the other day. I have no recollection of TOTP moving around and being broadcast from different UK cities, but I think by then I probably wasn't watching it plus I was a student and spent 99/00 in France. It seemed like a nice idea though. As a teen I always wanted to be in the audience of it, but living a couple of hundred miles away from London this was never going to happen. If only I'd known they did this 'roadshow' type thing, I could have lived out my dream earlier - I eventually got to go in 2002 and 2003 though!
  15. I wonder why the Hue and Cry remix wasn't on NOW 24, but the original version instead.
  16. Obviously I knew what Top of the Pops was but being in Australia, I came to it late in life when we got Pay TV in our household in 1999 and could watch it almost the same week as the UK (we got it late the following Friday night) and I was utterly enchanted by it. Top of the Pops "On Tour" were the episodes showing when I first started religiously recording it on video. The first episode I had taped is amazing - A*Teens, Moloko (poor Roisin sweating her arse off in her catsuit in whatever poorly ventilated club that was, you could even see the sweat dripping off the audience members kkkk), Geri Halliwell and Shaft. I must have watched it 100 times. I can still hear Gail Porter saying that next week "I'm packing me tights and I'm off to Nottingham!" at the end.

  17. Both versions were on the UK CD single, so I suppose it was either an "artistic decision" or, um, a mistake!
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  18. Or the label might have only approved that version for inclusion. It happens.
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  20. Just watched 4/2/93 - The Beloved were on form (and reminding us that people would "try to live your life ecologically" 29 years ago), Sting was doing well, but the standout for me was Gloworm singing spiritual music to a dance beat with African-costumed dancers.
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