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Top of the Pops BBC4

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Elsewhere on TOTP, Eurodance has well and truly arrived in the form of Culture Beat. Tania gave a great live vocal and Mr. Vain still sounds as good today as it did back then. Definitely one of the defining songs of the genre.

    I'm still obsessed with the PSB mashup

  2. Me resisting Eurodance for a year or so and then going 'fuck off, I am BOPPING!!'... iconic
  3. "Anything" by Culture Beat was my bop in early 1994 - and THAT video inspired by Bladerunner!
  4. For some reason I booped bit felt the songs were beneath me / for younger kids (lol) but then I saw the light mainly because of La Bouche dd. The whole genre literally houses 100s of my favourite songs ever now.
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  5. Fun fact for you all: I was in the same year - and sometimes in the same class - at middle school with David from Bad Boys Inc!
    The weirdest thing was seeing a DVD of a film he made in a gay bookstore. He's come a long way from St. Michael's Middle School...
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  6. Not seen that...might have to check it out on YT!
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  7. Wait he's a dad now

  8. Eurodance was the soundtrack of my early 20's. What a time to be alive (and clubbing)
  9. I started clubbing in 1993 so all those Eurodance acts (Culture Beat/Real McCoy/Corona/La Bouche/Cappella/Captain Hollywood Project/Maxx/Whigfield) instantly take me back to a really happy, carefree time in my life. In many ways I saw them as a progression of the SAW sound I'd loved in the late 80s as a teenager to the bops of my early 20s. All those songs still sound great to me today.
  10. Basically this. I didn't even drink that much back then (saved that for my 30's onwards) it was all about the music and dancing my ass off, without a care in the world.
  11. I was EXACTLY the same. A couple of cans of K cider before I went out and just danced all night on a natural high!

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  12. My life in the late 80s/early 90s was just the opposite of what fitted in with the 90s pop sounds, and even if I try and listen to that stuff now with an open mind, I don't really like it.

    I'd have been 21, so the ideal age if fit and healthy. Just wasn't to be.

    So I clung onto my Prefab, Joni and Blue Nile CDs.
  13. Provisional schedules for BBC Two on Saturday 15th October showing a Olivia Newton John night and another episode of Top Of The Pops:
    10:15pm - Olivia Newton John At The BBC
    11:15pm - Xanadu
    12:50am - Only Olivia
    1am - Top Of The Pops

    The TOTP might be 04/01/79 with her performance of A Little More Love after she'd just been awarded an MBE. Nice to see Xanadu get a rare TV screening.
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    90s Peter Cunnah was so handsome.
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  15. I would say that Pete Waterman saw Eurodance as a progression of the SAW sound, given that he signed 2 Unlimited ...! ;-)
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  16. Have to say I will miss them when they are gone. Only 23 more Mark Franklin/Tony Dortie episodes to go, but never fear, we get Nicky Campbell back instead...
  17. Nicky only does one show in the whole of 1994 though. They definitely made the right decision at the time - I think the mix of Radio 1 hosts and celebrities worked nicely.
  18. If Pete could convince the public that The Beatles came out after Kylie he'd try and claim their music was a progression of the SAW sound.
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  19. I think the format works against Mark and Tony - it must be difficult to inject your personality when you're on screen for one minute at most and having to talk over songs etc. On the other hand, celebrity presenters made TOTP feel more like 'event TV'.
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