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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. It'd actually be quite nice to watch Christmas '93 on the 23rd. It's one of my most watched editions so will be cool to finally see it in "HD".
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  2. Janet's linguistic skills began on one of her previous singles: I give you 'Come Back To Me' in Spanish …

    There's also a version in Catalan which isn't on YouTube (it's on the streaming EP) – Janet was covering all bases with the Hispanic market!
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  3. Looks like it's going to be on the 16th in fact

    Fingers crossed for some other Christmas specials the following week
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  4. It was odd having no repeats last week, may not like everything featured, was miss the episodes when not on gotta say.
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  5. Couldn't TOTP have re-shown Meat Loaf's live performance at least once rather than keep editing the video all over the place? At least with Bryan Adams' 16 weeks at number one they'd show his live studio performance every so often.

    They held some rare live Meat Loaf footage there yet only showed it once!
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  6. Sound the Dame Jaki Graham klaxon! Mated is such an underrated 80s song. It's such a sweet song, and Jaki and her leather skirt are fantastic as always.
  7. Yes it is a bit odd. My theory though is that maybe they didn't like repeating live performances because if people got used to seeing repeats of performances it would lead to certain acts not bothering to come back as their single climbed the chart or remained at number 1.

    There wasn't any pre-recording of performances in this era either. It was basically show up in the studio when we ask you or you don't get on. No one's bigger than the show etc.
  8. Listen very carefully, we shall show this only once.
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  9. That 1985 episode was choon after choon ... Mated, I'm Your Man, We Built This City, Saving All My love For You, Separate Lives, Don't Look Down ...
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  10. I didn't know it, but Nov/Dec 1985 was the best time of my life.
  11. Last night's second 1993 episode was pretty good. A live satellite performance from Heart with Will You Be There In The Morning and Belinda Carlisle doing Lay Down Your Arms in the studio.
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  12. I think this was an instantly better episode than most from the later half of 1993 to be honest!
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  13. That first episode was SO boring after 2 Unlimited! Too many music videos. Shame they couldn't have had Culture Beat in the studio for Got To Get It.
  14. Torsten Fenslau died on November 6th so I guess everything must've stopped for them for a few weeks
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  16. They showed the other 3 years last year too. OK if they don't want to give us any more unseen years, but to show the same ones as last year is baffling.
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