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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Babe was drama, it was camp!
    Shit though yes.
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  2. I always hated the line “a voice I once knew answered in a sweet voice”. Surely “a girl I once knew answered in a sweet voice” makes more sense, or “a voice I once knew answered in a sweet tone”, but not voice/voice. Shit lyrics! Shit vocals too. Mark doesn’t have the best voice.
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  3. Yes, add me to those who dislike Babe. Not overly a fan of many a Take That ballad in general to be honest. Always thought that their uptempo singles are much stronger.
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  4. The old fella who gave the girl's telephone number to Mark definitely committed a data protection breach.
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  5. I like Babe, Mark Owen's powerhouse vocals and all. If we're talking the worst Take That single surely it has to be Sure or as I always knew it "shite so shite".

    Mr Blobby aside, a much better couple of episodes last night than we've had for a while, we hardly had to use the fast forward button at all. It's always nice to see the Bee Gees, East 17's It's Alright is such a banger and Dina Carroll's The Perfect Year is a New Year's Eve staple. I have it at the end of my Christmas playlists next to ABBA's Happy New Year.
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  6. My die-hard Take That fan friend told me this:
    She didn’t tell him because she knew he was going off to war, and wanted to shield him from the additional stress of worrying about dying and leaving it fatherless…
  7. Mark's always been my favourite so I love Babe. Wouldn't make my top 10 ⫩ songs though. I had no strong opinions about Blobby until he denied them the Xmas no.1. I only needed to fast forward Cliff and Blobby. That interpretation of Babe comes from the video where Mark is returning from war to a wife who thinks he's dead and a son he didn't know he had
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  8. The first ep was good.

    The look of the man who sang with M People on Don't Look Any Further always surprised me. I imagined Barry White, but got Sideshow Bob.

    Stay (Faraway So Close) is such an underrated U2 song. It's probably one of my faves by them. Is Zooropa conferred a bit of a flop album? It feels like Aching Baby and Pop were really big 90s albums by them but Zooropa didn't have the same impact - it certainly didn't have as many hits/singles anyway.

    Big Time Sensuality is such a bop - such an iconic video too, it's a shame we didn't get to see that, but nice to see Björk perform live - and she looked like she was really enjoying herself too.

    Mr Blobby was not as dreadful as I remembered - it had a woman singing and more to it that than just 'Blobby Mr Blobby" which was all I could remember. That's not to say it's good - just not as bad as I remembered. Lolz at Tony Dortie saying "great video, shame about the song". I don't think I ever got that the start of the video was parodying Rhythm Is A Dancer. With the Shakespear's Sister parody, was it actually Marcella Detroit when you saw the close up of the woman? It really looked like her.

    I was always more Take That than East 17, but It's Alright is brilliant! And they did a good live rendition of it.

    The am dram acting from Mark Owen as he sang Babe ... and Howard and Robbie looking like a couple of Fagin's pickpocketers! This is unintentionally hilarious(ly bad).

    I'm getting a bit bored of Meat Loaf now.
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  9. I've always argued that Mr. Blobby is actually a well written pop song, and doesn't deserve the claims of "worst ever number 1"

    This is POETRY.

    Although he's unconventional in hue
    His philosophy of life will steer him through
    And despite the limitation
    Of his poor co-ordination
    He knows he'll show the world a thing or two

    The close-ups are Marcella, but obviously not her with Blobby
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  10. I Wish by Gabrielle is lovely. I was a bit gutted that it didn't do as well as I felt it should have done. It wasn't even top 20. It reminds me of that Christmas holiday, and has a 'warm and cosy when it's cold outside' feeling to it for me. Follow up Because of You was also great and deserved to do better as well. It was a bit weird that she was there though despite having "flu" and telling Mark Franklin this with his face right in hers. Chances are he got "flu" after that!

    For Whom The Bell Tolls is good but that wasn't the best performance from The Bee Gees.

    I've always sung The Perfect Year as The Parfect Year (with an A) and I think it's because of this performance! She was on such a high around this time with this and Don't Be A Stranger in the top 10 at the same time. So Close is such a good album. Dina should be a national treasure/icon/legend really by now, rather than a 90s brief success.

    No Rain is one of those very iconic 90s videos ... but I have no idea how the song goes. And hearing that little snippet of it in the breakers rung no bells for me. The Cypress Hill song wouldn't have been anything I'd have listened to back then but it's a hip hop classic now.
  11. I loved that Gabrielle was the latest in a long line of acts hauled into the studio while ill with a sick note to explain themselves to Mark Franklin.
  12. Zooropa was more like a glorified EP....I don't think it was planned, from the Music Weeks of the time, it seems a very spur-of-the-moment release compared to the usual albums. The band probably pushed for it, and at that point there was enough momentum from Achtung Baby for it to work. I love it, probably my 3rd favourite U2 album. It only had the 1 conventional single, Lemon was a club release and Numb was a video single or something. Stay was almost my Xmas #1 for 1993 - Saint Etienne pipped it to the top.
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  13. I only heard "Stay" for the first time this year and I have to say, I love it.
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  14. Thanks - it did seem to have far less fanfare around it than the usual U2 albums.

    Songs called Stay (with optional parentheses) are generally good - Shakespear's Sister, Lisa Loeb, Eternal, Bernard Butler, Sash!, Rihanna, Madonna ...
  15. Stephen Gately...
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  16. Mica Paris
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  17. And not just with parenthesis.

    Erasure’s Stay With Me, East 17’s Stay Another Day, A-ha’s Stay On These Roads.

    er… Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive, Terence Trent D’Arby’s If You Let Me Stay, Kylie’s Please Stay, Gloria Estefan’s Can’t Stay Away From You, Al Green’s or Tina Turner’s Let’s Stay Together.
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  18. It is clips of Marcella from the actual Stay video mixed in with what looks like an actress made to look like her.

    I think Tony Dortie is actually briefly in the Mr Blobby video, just before the Stay parody. There are a number of Neighbours cast briefly seen too, including Stefan Dennis.
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  19. Imho U2 were at their artistic peak between 1990 to 1995 !
    All their material from this period is understated and has matured beautifully with time!
    It takes a while to get into but once you do, you'll love it!
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  20. I know! Honestly, just let them mime. It shows the stupidity of being so stringent.

    For me, Gabrielle has been the rediscovery of TOTP 1993. She is such an unusual pop star - but has such charisma - and so melodic. Whenever Gabrielle is on TOTP, there is a 'presence' about her.
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