Top of the Pops BBC4

While we wait for Top of the Pops to come back from it's seemingly never-ending summer break, what is everyone's all time favourite TOTP performance? Mine is

Epic performance - Liza's eye contact with the camera, command of the stage, presence, outfit, impossible glamour... Shivers every time!

The fact that the first one minute ten seconds of the performance is all on one camera shot is (relatively) impressive, including zooming in slowly from Bruno Brookes on the other side of the studio. It was all done so smoothly.
That girl needs her own thread.

She has appeared in a couple of other episodes - clearly must have been in the know to keep getting on camera and no doubt has a lot of stories to tell. Shame the BBC couldn't track her down for "The Story of.."

I don't know if anyone here can clarify, but it still says on that TOTP performance that Viva La Radio was #6, and presumably that was broadcast on a Thursday or Friday? Yet at some point, that week's chart was altered and the song was demoted to #7, along with other song's peak chart positions changing.