Top of the Pops BBC4

500,000 copies sold before Think Twice even reached number one, yet it still managed 7 weeks at the top. Quite some feat.
CBS/Epic were nothing if not persistent back in the day and would stop at nothing to get their acts hits in the singles chart: Dead Or Alive, King, Bruce Springsteen, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Bros, Deacon Blue and Roachford all benefitted from their strategy.

It was then very much reliant on those acts to keep on delivering for the label – which Celine and Bruce did …
Good couple of episodes last night, it was nice to finally get away from the velvet drapes and candelabras of the Year Zero revamp with the new studio. Kylie was a brilliant presenter and looked absolutely stunning in the PVC dress. Standout performances were Celine Dion, Annie Lennox and Scarlet. Independent Love Song is one of my favourite songs of the 90s, such a tune. 1995 has well and truly arrived!
Really does feel we've started 1995 "proper" with the new set and club bangers like Alex Party. For me this era was peak TOTP.
I agree – the show is brilliant in this era and unfortunately never got its mojo back after Ric Blaxill left.

I remember hearing Alex Party's 'Read My Lips' in clubs back then but 'Don't Give Me Your Life' heralds the real arrival of the Visnadi production team in the UK singles chart – with Living Joy soon to follow …
I can't let those last two editions pass without mentioning MN8 – who I kinda felt sorry for. Although they managed some other hits (obeying the law of diminishing returns …), 'I've Got A Little Something For You' hasn't stood the test of time well and actually feels more like a novelty song – not helped by the crotch grabbing parts of their routine which the TOTP cameras carefully avoided in close-up (unlike when they performed on The Word, prior to this). They were obviously designed to be a British Jodeci (see also the classier Public Demand, signed to ZTT), but the public weren't having it.

I guess we will be soon approaching peak 1st Avenue Management acts' chart domination, with the Honeyz soon to join MN8, Eternal, Michelle Gayle and Dina Carroll. A shame so many of those bubbles started bursting all at once …
Not even a decade later they'd have been lauded for interpreting Wire b-sides in such a bold, thrilling way.

I love their debut album. If they hadn't burned through so many tracks beforehand in that mid-90s indie label early single build up way then it could have had a longer afterlife and it wouldn't have seemed like FOREVER waiting on them writing a follow up.
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I wouldn't be surprised that the industry got cold feet supporting an edgy boy band like MN8 after East 17 began to unravel in the tabloids and I suspect that marketing prejudices about race might have added to it. Much much easier throwing your money behind a nice lovely boyband like that Ronan and Stephen's band, just don't let your nan see the guy with the shaved eyebrow in the background.