Top of the Pops BBC4

The Friday show this week was a little odd. Didn't they send whoever it was they sent out East to review the singles chart only to discover that there was no such thing. Oh dear!

Haha yes...on the "Story of 1983" doc that came before the 1983 shows began airing, Kid Jensen talked about that. I watched that last night, actually....what a year for music. And it ended weirdly, to say the least.
One thing I do love is that it is on in it's spiritual home of Thursday at 7.30pm.

I remember what a big deal it was with the whole family sitting down to watch it together. I sometimes miss that communal experience of music bringing people together. Mad to think now that your 60 year old grandmother sat down with teenage kids to watch the goings on in the hit parade!
Agree that last night's was a patchy affair. Enjoyed the Beat, Fun Boy Three, Yazoo and seeing Bobby Brown aged about 12 in New Edition!

Oh dear. George being 'hard' in the Bad Boys video... Didn't he always say he hated that song? This was just before he hit really big with Careless Whisper and the Wham! singles from Make It Big.

Always loved those awful TOTP interviews with non-performing acts. Sickly old Simon Bates trying to squeeze a few words out of the Police. At least they had a good single due out. There were also some 'footie' players who looked about 45. For some reason I didn't know any of them.

Getting a bit sick of Spandau's True. Great song and their career peak, but I heard it enough the first time around!