Top of the Pops BBC4

Some upcoming great performances denied a BBC4 airing due to Adrian Rose

Thanks for posting those links – amazing to see a very raw but fearless TLC (and the BBC clearly weren't listening to the lyrics …), and that Mariah performance is awesome! Why did not that propel it to the top of the charts? MC and Trey Lorenz riffing off each other live was amazing.

Of course you would hope that the forthcoming Big Hits 1991/1992 will take account of milestone performances like those that we will miss. I am not holding my breath, however …
I'm probably the only one but am gutted we missed Sesame's Treet and A Trip To Trumpton, two of the better raved up kid's TV themes.

I'm probably also alone in loving Jimmy Nail's Ain't No Doubt - bop!

Much better episodes of late including Snap, Richard Marx, The Shamen, Madonna and Sophie B Hawkins.

I love Ain't No Doubt! I remember the Chart Show playing it as a new release and my Mum - bless her commercial antenna - immediately said it would be a massive hit. I didn't think so! Jimmy's previous musical efforts had ended in the dumper.
I love Ain’t No Doubt too but it really is due to the aforementioned Sylvia Mason-James elevating a catchy song to a total bop. It (and Rhythm Is A Dancer) reminds me so much of that summer holiday period taking our new dog for walks in the park. It feels like that was a proper hot summer holiday with 6 weeks of sunshine but I’m probably remembering through rose tinted glasses (if that is even a phrase).
No, summer 1992 was a haze of mega-heat. And yeah, it was characterised by those #1s....Jimmy Nail, Snap and then The Shamen.
The Shamen really did feel like something had happened which the mainstream were struggling to catch up with – they were so shameless and really didn't care what anyone thought, and they cut through all the dreadful, faceless dance acts that have been cluttering up TOTP and gave the whole scene a bit of a knowing wink.