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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. No. That's Being Boring.
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  2. And then nobody else bought any of the other singles off the album.
  3. Agreed, couldn’t even tell you what they were.
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  4. Tis a good album actually, though nothing as bop-tastic as Ain't No Doubt. Was very surprised EastWest couldn't get at least one more Top 40 hit out of the era.
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  5. What happened to Jimmy Nail? He was doing Spender at this point, and then did Crocodile Shoes (giving him a further hit). Evita should have elevated him to superstar status, but instead he seemed to all-but disappear.
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  6. The best Jimmy Nail moment for me was the song Paddy McAloon wrote for him....Cowboy Dreams anyone?
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  7. As much as I love the "Electronic" album from 1991 - I also enjoyed "Raise the pressure" from 1996. Even though upon release it sounded very 1992 and dated - it has aged very well for me. In 1996 everyone was into Britpop but I loved "Raise the pressure" because it reminded me of 1992 Euro/House/Techno pop. It's my ideal clubbing Music alongside Dead or Alive's "Youthquake" from 1985!
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  8. Was LSI a drug reference too that I’ve been totally innocent about and oblivious to for 30 years? I recall having “E’s are good” pointed out to me a few weeks or months after it was number 1, but it occurred to me that I may have been a bit naive about their previous hit too. Or is it really just love, sex, intelligence?
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  9. Of topic and I DO apologise, but just gotta say how much I am loving your avatar. Naturally.
  10. Yeah it's strange how it goes, he was so big in the mid-90s....of course after Crocodile Shoes II he did a Best Of (the wonderfully named The Nail File) but his profile dropped almost overnight. Maybe he wanted it that way, maybe his book explains it (could be demons at play).
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  11. I remember seeing his follow up single 'Laura' on The Chart Show as an exclusive. I guess people expected something equally quirky as 'Ain't No Doubt' and it wasn't so missed the top 40. But as you say, the corresponding album is fairly decent.
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  12. It's interesting that Sophie B Hawkins had featured as a TOTP exclusive a couple of weeks before she charted, despite being unknown in the UK at that point and with no previous hits. Usually exclusives come from established acts. I wonder if she was predicted to be a huge star here so was worth the satellite link and then to fly over to London for this performance.
  13. She was probably getting a decent amount of radio play by that point so it seemed like a safe bet to put her on.
  14. Laura was completely the wrong choice. Killed the campaign.
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  15. Columbia/Sony's pulling power, I expect. Plus the US success suggested she was going to repeat it here.

    Best single of 1992 for me, but it never quite took off as I hoped.
  16. It felt like it should've been such a massive hit. The same goes for Right Beside You when it only got one place higher a couple of years later.
  17. At least she sold some albums instead no?
  18. The missing link between Jimmy Nail and Nick Heyward - did Jimmy cover Nick or was it a completely different song?
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  19. Thank you!
    My avatar's on 1986 UK Number Ones singles this year!
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  20. It was a different song.
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