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Also, Sylvia Mason James's weave was definitely borrowed from Denice Pearson during the Rock the world campaign.

I would never have guessed the female singer from Ain't No Doubt was also the voice of 1992 rave track A Juicy Red Apple by Skin Up!

Sylvia doesn't seem to be credited on the Ain't No Doubt single, at least according to Discogs. Only inside the album booklet.
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This used to be my playground is a very average album track at best.

I think it's her most underrated ballad - I prefer it to all the singles from Erotica that followed it.

Some really good stuff on the latest episodes, 'Achy Breaky Heart' expected of course, which was and is utter crap. I'm also relieved to hear we've skipped the horror that was 'Sesame's Treet'.

I'm also a subscriber to the newletter that 'Ain't No Doubt' is an absolute tune. 'She's lying' became a playground catchphrase for years after that.