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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Great song, great film, even one of her better acting performances.
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  2. Still one last hurrah to come in 1994.
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  3. This used to be my playground is a very average album track at best.
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  4. I would never have guessed the female singer from Ain't No Doubt was also the voice of 1992 rave track A Juicy Red Apple by Skin Up!

    Sylvia doesn't seem to be credited on the Ain't No Doubt single, at least according to Discogs. Only inside the album booklet.
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  5. I think it's her most underrated ballad - I prefer it to all the singles from Erotica that followed it.

    Some really good stuff on the latest episodes, 'Achy Breaky Heart' expected of course, which was and is utter crap. I'm also relieved to hear we've skipped the horror that was 'Sesame's Treet'.

    I'm also a subscriber to the newletter that 'Ain't No Doubt' is an absolute tune. 'She's lying' became a playground catchphrase for years after that.
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  6. This used to be my playground is an absolute beauty. One of her best ballads and absolutely deserves of single status hence being a US number one, not to mention the Golden Globe nomination. Those strings!!!! Just open your heart to the song. It’s beautiful.
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  7. Sign me up to the This Used To Be My Playground fan club (or as Boy George famously quipped This Used To Be My Video). It's one of Madonna's most beautiful songs.
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  8. The 90's contain some of Madge's best ballads:
    This used to be my playground
    Bad Girl
    You'll see

    I love the "Songs to Remember" CD!
  9. I love Something To Remember too, it's a very soothing listen.

    This is Madonna's most underrated ballad for me

  10. Absolutely! It's one of my favourite Madonna songs. Never liked the 'Radio Remix' though.
  11. The middle 8 in Rain is amazing.
  12. You’ve all forgotten about the amazing I’ll Remember, so lush and perfectly 90s. Considering she was an artist known for her dance pop hits, she did some amazing ballads.

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  13. Some great Madonna choices - her ballads were usually top drawer stuff and really suited her.
  14. The middle 8 has the best lyrics she ever did. When she had the lyrics 'feel it in your body sing la de da de' only an album later, I was so depressed at the drop in quality.
  15. Classic
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  16. So glad nobody's mentioned Take a Bow.

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  17. Oh yes. Madonna's is a great and unique video, until you realise Boy George did exactly the same thing five years earlier in 1987!

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  18. I love "Take a bow" - we robbed it of a UK Top 10.peak!
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  19. Something To Remember, but a title to forget!
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  20. Ha! Thank you!
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