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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Showed how different our tastes were I guess, that was no.1 in the USA and we had Jimmy Nail, hard to get more opposite really
  2. Choosing my words very carefully, I had to make sure I wasn't seeing things when I clocked what Jon Secada had looped through the epaulettes of his leather jacket … one on each side – one for him and one for a friend?!?

    In case anyone missed it:

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  3. Given what TLC were singing about in the chorus of 'Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg' the other week, I would say that nobody was paying much attention to any of the lyrics on TOTP at this point …!
  4. He needed somewhere to keep his keys. Keyless entry had yet to be invented....
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  5. Smart E's - Sesame's Treet being fronted by infants...although the drug reference would have gone over many people's heads.
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  6. A couple of stronger episodes there for the most part, later half of 1992, does seem to be picking up so far so good. Interesting though that they felt they already needed to give the show a mini revamp just 9 months after the main revamp. Know am the only one, but never been keen on the video playout either.
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  7. Goodbye Cruel World - what a tune and another great live performance from Shakespears sister last night.
  8. Why not? Surely as a pop fan one last song is a better way to see off the show rather than the theme tune which you’ve already heard at the start and in the chart countdown?
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  9. I just find it it more of an smoother way to end the show that's all. Just my opinion,respect it won't be probably anyone elses much, but still mine all the same.
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  10. Fair enough. I liked having Shake Your Head as a little extra last night. I remember in the NOW 23 booklet it saying that a duet between Kim Basinger and Ozzy Osborne was quite unexpected, and at the time I thought it odd that Hollywood movie star Kim was on a top 10 bop of a hit, but I had no idea who Ozzy Osborne was back then, so the weirdness of the two of them duetting was lost on me. Kim looked amazing in the video - and at times very much like the other Kim we love, Dame Kim Wilde.
  11. When going back over my recording to tag it, I did think it WAS our dame Kim until I realised Shake Your Head was around at that time.
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  12. Let's be honest though, that song is Steve Silk Hurley ft Kim Basinger and Ozzy Osborne. WNW are redundant on their own song, and a bizarre way to promote a Greatest hits.
  13. Which tanked anyway.

    (I love me some WNW, but that was a weird comp...but then, what else would you expect from WNW!).
  14. I just read that on wiki that NOW Dance 92 they accidentally used the original Madonna vocal for it, but only on cassette and LP - I had the CD, dammit!
  15. Kim “Don’t call me Bassinjer” Basinger - didn’t the presenter do just that? It is pronounced “Bay-singer” isn’t it?
  16. It's on Anfunny's channel!

  17. It was but I have noticed that the camera on each of their totp performances concentrates a lot more on Marcella than Siobhan, regardless of how OTT Siobhan may dress or behave on stage. I can see how Siobhan could easily have got pissed off.
    Madness and Betty Boo were my other 2 performances of the evening. Happy memories of my early Madness obsession.
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  18. Betty Boo looked fabulous. But she always has a slight awkwardness on stage. A bit like she shouldn't really be there and is aware any minute stage hands will come and seize her off stage!

    EDIT: And of course, Let me Take You There is fantastic. it samples this Four Tops song from the early 70s:

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  19. And let's not forget the classic misheard line from Let me Take You There ...

    I'm at work, I don't feel like working
    The sun is out, don't tell me I'm fellating
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  20. Was that an 90s comeback for Madness? Not heard of that song before.
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