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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The best part was Sally The Plugger! More of her, please!
    Apart from that, I think 1992 didn't give them much to work with. We've struggled here with some of the episodes, particularly from the beginning of the year.
    Interesting that some acts found singing live on TOTP stressful. I had always assumed that everyone wanted to do it to show they could sing/prove their 'artistry' etc.
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  2. I think many acts weren't especially keen on having to perform live - miming was generally a lot easier, many pop acts were more used to it and the results of a live performance were more unreliable (witness Kylie being out of breath throughout a good part of her live performance of 'What Kind of Fool' in the recent show).

    I realise that these shows are hostage to fortune in terms of who they can book as talking heads, but the Story of 1992 felt the most disconnected from what was actually going on on the charts in that year of all the shows thus far - and a few others have been quite poor in this respect too. I mean, I knew about the Wedding Present releasing a single every month, but is that really something anyone remembers as a key point about this year? And Carter USM's #21 Christmas smash getting 5 minutes of coverage???

    The problem with this format of show is they insist on the talking heads being the artists who made those songs, and in a year when a lot of the big hits were from non-UK acts (Snap, Charles & Eddie, Boyz to Men, Whitney, etc), that is going to make life difficult for the programme makers. They'd be better off going down the route of the usual talking heads shows and having (informed) people give their opinions on the biggest songs and artists, rather than trying to make feeble links between who they can book and them somehow making out they played a big part in the story of that year.

    The only really interesting point in the show was about the heavy use of 'Exclusive' performances in 1992. I'd forgotten just how much this was done.

    Thanks goodness for the 'Big Hits of 1992' show, which actually *did* provide a fairly representative overview of the music that year. I know some on here seem to drag 1992 quite a bit in terms of its quality, but there were a lot of very decent songs released then, particularly in the second half of the year. Much stronger overall than 1991 and probably 1990 too.
  3. I just watched the story of ‘92….. agree with a lot of the above. Far from a classic year but the overview pretty poor too in terms of the acts it covers in detail.

    As a huge fan of Shakespears Sister I was happy to see Siobhan and Marcy reflect on Stay. Definitely a more positive take from Siobhan in recent years and nice to hear how proud both now are of this classic. (Also do these ladies never age?)

    My liking of MOR made me appreciate the segment on Crowded House and Wet Wet Wet. Whilst not a huge fan of all of their work they definitely produced some great singles in their peak.

    The Shamen were an interesting act at that time too. From underground success to topping the charts with a song about E…. it was super catchy!

    Not much else to say TBH….. other than it is easy to see in hindsight how the show struggled when it moved studio then all of a sudden the faceless dance music scene exploded. Thank goodness Britpop and a return to Teen pop was on its way back.
  4. And some of the acts that featured themselves, came across a bit snobbish and the usual anti Smash Hits crowd that always seem to appear in these things. On the plus side, at least the Big Hits show was full of more variety and included performances from the skipped shows too. Mariah, Annie Lennox, Charles & Eddie, Boys II Men, Shanice, Ce Ce Pentison, Take That (with a fit Jason Orange in a leather jacket!) and En Vogue, all great choices.
  5. I don't know The Orb (Blue Room is on Now 22 but was one of those tracks I always skipped) but they have an interesting story. And I didn't know they'd worked with Robbie. They may not be my 1992, but I learned something - and aside from his quote above, I found him quite engaging and not at all what I imagined The Orb to be like.
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  6. Time can be equally cruel and kind. James Dean Bradfield was hot in 1992 - MSP weren't an act I was aware of back then. But he is not much to look at in 2022. Whereas the guy from Crowded House was lovely in 2022! CrowDAD House! And Siobhan Fahey looked incredible. I'd never have guessed her as being 63.
  7. Siobhan Fahey-talk about ageless!
  8. Whatever “help” she has had is subtle enough for her to still look like herself. And Marcy is 70!!!!!! this year…… Ageless Qweeeeeens!
  9. Yes, both looked very well done. Siobhan especially. Was in awe of her at the 2017 Original Line Up tour with Sara and Keren (who also still had it) and was 5 years on once again last night!
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  10. Yes when the original reformation was announced they all looked the best they had in years! I know the tour promo posters were heavily photoshopped but their performances pre tour they looked incredible.
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  11. I also think there's an element of the risk of performing live in a TV studio with no control over how the sound feed is going to be mixed, with unfavourable acoustics and all the other technical minutiae that can make a performance appear absolutely flat on TV. I've sat through enough bad TV sets to be able to see why you'd rather just mime.
  12. Whenever I watch Later.... (which isn't very often anymore), I always think it sounds shit. So if a show like that can't create something with a bit of life, then TOTP wouldn't stand a chance.
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  13. Yes, that's quite a valid point I think. Just wouldn't work alas.
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  14. Was anyone allowed to mime at this point? I know Kate Bush was in late 1994 (even with that, it still ended up being her last TV appearance to date, save for televised awards shows).

    I liked Siobhan Fahey’s description of her 1992 look. Faded tinkerbell or something.
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  15. Remember Sounds Like Friday Night? No, nor does anyone else. A cavernous space sparsely populated with audience members made for an atmosphere vacuum. Plus that name sounds like something from the 1950s.
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  16. I'm just catching up with the Story of 92 and i actually shouted "ooh look, it's Adrian Rose!" Maybe there's a different kind of agreement for full shows than clips. I feel like we've had this discussion before when a clip of Mike Smith snuck into a Story Of or a Big Hits or something.

    Loved seeing Stereo MCs. I can tell this is the era when I started going to clubs, Connected was huge at Byrons in Preston.
  17. I always found Rob whatshisface from Stereo MCs really creepy looking. He still is, but he was quite charming in his interview.
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  18. Yes, he looked rather rough at the time, but has actually aged fairly well and seems quite pleasant. Mr C is quite ordinary too. How these mad rockers mellow with age!
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  19. Jimbob from Carter USM and The Wedding present man seemed like quite normal middle aged men too!
  20. The curse of being young and beautiful.
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