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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. It wasn't just me then who was thinking that...
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  2. It's noticeable in recent weeks how many of the exclusives have been from acts doing well in the US charts. I wonder if this was all 'cause and effect'.
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  3. Not an expert on copyright, but I think under "fair dealing" you can use limited extracts of someone's work without permission when it's for comment or criticism.

    I'm surprised they were so insistent on doing satellite performances live at the time.

    One thing these shows do highlight is how much archive music footage the BBC has - not just from random shows, but also unseen master recordings.
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  4. The satellite performances were a bit of a mixed bag I think.
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  5. Do they use master recordings for Big Hits?
    I noticed that none of the performances had the purple square title card from the regular shows.
  6. I beg to differ! JDB in his 50's is HOT stuff! Will he ever grow a silver beard to match those silver sideburns!?!
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  7. It was an okay watch. Ebeneezer, Stay and Goodnight Girl aside it didn't spend much time on what was big in 92, but did give a feel for the horror of rave singles being done live on TV. Thank god I missed it all at the time. I never lived through any of that.

    Orb playing chess was quite cool, though not sure why their music was any more "special" than a host of similar stuff around.

    Fruitbat from Carter USM did sum it up quite well at the end...1992 was kind of the inbetween bit, after Grunge peaked and before Britpop kicked off. The music in general during 1992 was better than this doc showed though.
  8. Orb really irritated me. Heaven forbid people actually listen to music for entertainment.
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  9. Me too! And I love Little Fluffy Clouds. I really liked that the Wedding Present guy said that he wishes he'd made more of an effort on the show. It's refreshing to see someone who realises on reflection that they were maybe being a bit ridiculous with this "I'm too cool for TOTP" schtick, rather than sticking doggedly to that attitude 30yrs later.
  10. Exactly! The way some of these acts treated the show was just ridiculous.
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  11. The Orb bragging about their appalling cover of 'I started a joke..' with Robbie showed up their apparent 'credibility'.
  12. I guess doing well on the US charts gave a reason to show an 'exclusive' performance - that was the excuse pedalled for showing Billy Ray Cyrus - but I don't think those big hits of 1992 did get a 'exclusive' showing on the show. Whitney certainly didn't.

    The slavishness of TOTP showing the full 9-10 minutes of those egocentric and tedious Michael Jackson videos for 'Black & White' and 'Remember the Time' was a choice though...
  13. A new and *exclusive* Michael Jackson video was big, landmark viewing at the time though. I remember me and my friends at school talking about Black or White the day after it was shown in full on TOTP; not so much the other videos mind.
  14. Stereo MCs music has aged very well. I wasn't a fan at the time, I found the frontman a turn-off, but he's actually quite articulate and it's just his "style" that I didn't like. Will dig out the Connected CD again. Some of the singles were okay.
  15. Connected is still an amazing song. I remember travelling in the back of my then 18-year-old cousin's car and he'd got it on at full blast on his huge speakers. The bass was something else and my ears hurt!
  16. The four Connected singles were all stellar.
  17. I just didn't click with them in '92, but I've heard Step It Up and Ground Level pop up on my iTunes playlists and really enjoyed them recently. Didn't it/they win the BRIT (or Mercury) prize that year? I remember 1992 me being appalled!
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  18. They won an award at the 1994 BRIT awards, hosted by Elton John and RuPaul. It might have been Best Group.
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  19. Sounds right....that and M People winning the MMP for Elegant Slumming around the same time were WTF moments for me.
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  20. Creation was also a bop!
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