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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Just a shame that the video for Heal The World won't be on a skipped episode-awful song.
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  2. I always found the line in 'Step it up' "Cause an inflammation in ny anatomy' cringe.
  3. And Best Album for Connected.

    I remember being a bit surprised by this at the time becasue the last single from that era had felt like ages before that awards ceremony, so to 14 year old me 8-9 months was a lifetime, and I'd have now been in a different school year. I was convinced M People or Take That would win Best Group and Dina Carroll would win Best Album.
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  4. The Story of 1992 was uneven but has got me dragging out the fatboxes for some airplay this week
    Now 21-23
    The Awards 1993
    Smash Hits '92
    Best Of Dance '92

    Despite what some of the talking heads said, three cheers for faceless & disposable dance music.
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  5. A couple of herberts and a sampler. Classic.
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  6. I also thought what Siobhan said about the strain of live vocals robbing TOTP of that party vibe, of everyone feeling like they were on a jolly and having fun, was a good point. It definitely robbed the show of something vital.
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  7. Weren't Take That "banned" from being nominated that year? I'm sure I remember it being a bit controversial. But they got their own (awful) Beatles medley performance slot as a consolation prize.

    Yes, live singers can't really put the same sort of energy into a performance as one who's miming, lest they get out of breath. Seeing those clips of Bananarama did make the 80s look more fun in contrast, like a party. I don't think a lot of the performers cared if they messed up miming as long as it otherwise looked visually appealing on TV. Speaking for myself, I always just wanted to hear the studio version of a single but see the artist in the studio - that was good enough for me!
  8. Same here. It worked.
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  9. No. Take That were very much nominated. Here is the Best Group clip:

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  10. And I don't actually mind a mimed vocal on something like that. Feels part of the charm somehow and that you were getting the actual record you would have bought soundwise.
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  11. As a marketing exercise at the time, miming was of course the way to go, as it meant the record itself got a direct plug and as long as tech glitches didn't emerge (All About Eve, etc), the performance was likely to be pretty risk-free. This 1992 live experiment was another repercussion from the Black Box/Milli Vanilli controversy from a few years earlier.

    It's also clear that late 1990s/early 2000s pop performances would have struggled massively had the singing live rule still been in place then. There's no way the likes of Britney/S Club 7/Steps et al could have performed those convoluted and often bizarre dance routines while actually having to sing their song.

    That said, watching these shows back at a distance of a few decades, I find the live performances much more interesting than the mimed ones, whether for good or bad reasons. And there were those moments when the right artist could deliver a real knockout performance when they were permitted to sing live...

  12. That Whitney live vocal, was indeed truly an moment.
  13. That's what I always felt the point of TOTP was. Plug the single on the charts that you could go and buy if you liked it.
  14. Maybe I'm thinking of 1995. It seems they weren't nominated at all that year despite having had hits throughout 1994, but they did get the Back for Good performance.
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  15. Banned for future Tory support.
  16. Yeah that year I think they were not eligible for best group/album as Everything Changes was released just prior to the eligibility period in October 93 (Kate Bush & Lisa Stansfield were nominated and their albums in that period were released early November 93). And then Sure and Love Ain't Here Anymore weren't worthy of best single noms! But Everything Changes should have been though as it's a bop.
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  17. The single version of Everything changes is rubbish as it misses out the talking bit at the start. I mean, why?
  18. Because Robbie was mega cringey on that bit in his faux American sultry voice.
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  19. Radio said no.
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  20. I've always said it; the live vs miming situation should have been case by case depending on what worked for the artist/song, rather than having a blanket policy where everyone mimes or everyone is live.

    Trying to do live vocals with simultaneous choreography is nearly always a disaster; equally, an artist pretending to play piano/guitar while also pretending to sing is never going to look anything other than ridiculous, and it's a pretty safe bet they're not enjoying it either. Common sense.
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