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Top of the Pops BBC4

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. It will be (hopefully!) as it's scheduled to be shown on BBC Two on Saturday 9th April at 9.15pm.
  2. Hurrah!
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  3. God I hope so, was gutted it got pulled last time. Actually complained to the BBC and everything, they took three weeks to reply and basically told me bugger all about when it's likely to air
  4. The emancipation of Mimi at the Beeby.
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  6. That's this coming Saturday, followed by Take That at the BBC and a repeat of the We've Come A Long Way documentary
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  7. After the pop drought of 1992, 1993 was a great year for music

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  8. Here's the full description for The Story of 1994 and 1994 Biggest Hits:

    The Story of 1994

    An under-threat TOTP is revamped by young Radio One producer Ric Blaxill, just as Britpop takes off with the likes of Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Elastica and many more all making standout debuts.

    The year also sees reggae rediscovering Dawn Penn and her lost classic, the Cranberries conquering the world with a trio of international hits, and Danish popstar Whigfield taking the charts by storm. And, of course, Wet Wet Wet’s four-month residency at the top with that song from that film.

    Contributors include Noel Hogan of the Cranberries, Jarvis Cocker, Justin Welch from Elastica, Dawn Penn, Whigfield, Graeme Clark of Wet Wet Wet, producer Ric Blaxill, music journalist Andrew Collins and broadcaster Trevor Nelson.

    1994 Biggest Hits

    Revel in many of the biggest singles of 1994 as the TOTP archives are opened once more.

    Love ballads proved irresistible in 1994, with Wet Wet Wet’s 15-week stay at number one with Love Is All Around and East 17’s Christmas classic Stay Another Day conquering the charts. Britpop bubbled up with Elastica and Blur, blockbuster hits reigned once more with Elton John’s Lion King theme, and a young Ant and Dec rapped their way to the charts. Plus, quirky and catchy hits from Shampoo, Whigfield and The Grid, a final TOTP performance by Kate Bush, and many more!

    Featuring Blur, Corona, Tori Amos, PJ and Duncan (Ant and Dec), Sheryl Crow, East 17, Whigfield, The Cranberries, Dawn Penn, Elastica, Wet Wet Wet, Shampoo, Elton John, Pretenders, Kylie Minogue, Youssou N'Dour ft Neneh Cherry, The Grid, Kate Bush, Bon Jovi, Crash Test Dummies and D:Ream.
  9. It was annoying when it was pulled last minute. The only thing that I guessed why it was so, was because they wanted a follow up of programmes to the Top Of The Pops 90s Story Of/Big Hits, that were relevant to each year. With Mariah achieving arguably her biggest year of success in the UK during 1994, I can see why it was saved until now. Hopefully won't be pulled again!
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  10. I absolutely detest Living On My Own, one of my least favourite songs ever released.
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  11. If this refers to Freddie’s iconic banger (No More Brothers Remix) then… I need to report this post…
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  12. Freddie solo on paper should have been a roaring success. In reality, it was mostly cheesy covers and bizarre collaborations. Perhaps he was wise enough to save the goods for Queen.
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  13. Mr Bad Guy was CBS America's biggest loss-making release ever, I think. #178.
  14. Wow! I’m not much of a Queen fan beyond the obvious bangers (sacrilege?) so always presumed it was a hit like everything else he touched!

    I Was Born To Love You (12” Version) is a bop and a half…
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  15. Mr Bad Guy did okay in Britain (#6) but only the lead single got anywhere near the Top 40. CBS kept trying though, with about 3 other flops between June and December 1985.
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  16. I was quite shocked that "Mr Bad Guy" didn't pick up after Live Aid as it was released about a month or so before the concert. I would have thought that fans would have been eager to purchase any Freddie related material in stores after their performance!
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  17. Freddie Mercury not having a MASSIVE solo career is head scratching at the very least.
    He was everything a solo star was about, yet it didn't happen. So strange.
  18. Only on Popjustice could Dannii Minogue's 'This Is It' be presented as evidence of 1993 being a great year for music(!).

    Not much of a fan of any of those tracks, although Take That is bearable.
  19. See also Debbie Harry and Boy George. Some acts are just inextricably linked to their band even though it seems they ARE the reason for them.
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  20. 1993 gave us this.
    19 Year old me danced my fat ass off to this most Saturday nights in 1993

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