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TOPS - Sugar At The Gate

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 10, 2017.

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  2. Have a feeling this will be a solid summer album to scratch that Real Estate itch for me. Yellow vinyl only $10 on pre-order too! Thanks for the tip!
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  3. This is so beautiful.
  4. Fantastic song and video!
  5. Great video! I hope Nile Rodgers gets a credit for the baseline! The song's a little too laid back for my taste though.
  6. Wow. So good.

    Can't wait to play this on a hot summer night.
  7. Oh look, a new album to look forward to. I love it. Delete that Madonna cosplayer though.
  8. But she was the star of the video, in my opinion.
  9. I just realized this is very Yumi Zouma.

    Is the singer supposed to be cosplaying Florence Welch?
  10. Yas these are great! Give me those hazy summer jams I love.
  11. New video!
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  12. My friend literally just shared this video with me on facebook, let me check this out!
  13. 'Further' is so summery and gorgeous isn't it. I hope this album gets some of the attention it deserves.
  14. I really love this band. They should be way bigger than they are (said every PJ poster about every band ever).
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  15. Cutlass Cruiser and I Just Wanna Make You Real are v good aren't they.
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