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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Victor Fairbanks, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Incredible era indeed. One of my favourites. Perfection in every sense.
  2. Probably one of my favourite Tori shots.
  3. Scarlet's Walk is, for me, Tori at her absolute peak. She has tighter, more sonically adventurous albums, for sure (I think Choirgirl and Earthquakes are probably slightly 'better' in some ways) and I know most fans have a particular soft spot for Pele in terms of the richness and complexity of the visual references, but Scarlet felt (and still feels) so authentic, so, you said it right, timeless, effortless. Also high-budget, but purposefully so - like no expense was spared to fully realize the vision of the world of that record. I struggle to think of any other artist's era to have been so perfectly self-contained and complete. What an album.

    (It also boasts the best song of all time in A Sorta Fairytale, which also helps).
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  4. ^I have that picture on a pillow! It remains one of my favorites too.

    I became a fan right before the Scarlet's Walk era began. What a wild ride, and what a perfect introduction to Tori as an artist. It's kind of funny now to remember the reactions to the radio edit of A Sorta Fairytale. Fans felt actual betrayal that she was becoming this Hot AC singer and abandoning everything that made her a force in the 90s. "Scarletized" became a verb. Looking back, it is definitely where she began to pivot artistically. The songs on Scarlet's Walk are more straightforward melodically and structurally, but the lyrical depth and performances are quintessential Tori. Although she played with concepts before, Scarlet's Walk was definitely the most in-depth and in-character she'd gone to date. The open road sound of the record comes through so well with its hazy production, dreamy guitars (Mark hadn't gone full cheese yet) and delicate piano work. She maintains a quiet, pensive intensity throughout. By the time you get to Gold Dust, you feel like you've driven alongside her.

    My third favorite record of hers.
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  5. Absolutely agree with everything you said. It's one of the long albums in her career that absolutely justifies the sprawl, because how do you cross America in 12 songs and 50 minutes? It needed to be widescreen. And the music totally fills that screen. It's never busy, but it feels lush and rich and expansive and, like you said, no expense spared. Just impeccably produced.

    I'll just quote a very interesting article from The Quietus last year about Tori's career and legacy and the path she's taken. The author wrote very lovingly of Scarlet's Walk, complimenting its "poetic intensity, cohesion of vision, and foremost its exquisite writing," saying the following:

  6. Also, completely randomly, but has there been a more perfect melodic motif than the latter third of Space Dog? This is what every song should sound like from now until forever.
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  7. The production on Scarlet's Walk is so warm and enveloping, in a way that reminds me a lot of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Both albums are also just as perfect listening for summer and autumn
  8. I'm gonna have to dig this album out again. It got lost in the 2002 Q4 deluge for me at the time.
  9. And you gotta love Scarlet's Stories. So at this point in the journey, Scarlet, um, well, she's in a bit of a pickle.
  10. Also the absolute best auxiliary cover for a record ever:

  11. I remember buying the special edition little box thing that had a map and a charm in it… no idea where it is now!
  12. "I don't know if you all have nieces, but um, Scarlet has a niece that just has pulled in this loser creature. And so, here she is dealing with, oh great, and gets this phone call from um, niecey-poo's mom."

    I actually wish she would have done more with the theming around the album. There's clearly a whole story she had figured out, but since the songs are usually tangential to it (as they should be, so they can stand on their own!), we only get glimpses of it from Scarlet Stories, the map from the deluxe edition, and the DVD. It would have been nice to even get liner notes with a summary of the story.

    Related, Taxi Ride was my biggest discovery from my recent Tori phase. For being a song about death, it's so breezy and invigorating.
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  13. Her voice is so soothing too! Part of why I love the audiobook version of Resistance so much.
  14. "This thing you called love
    She smiles way too much but
    I'm glad you are on my side still"

    One of my very favorite lines from her. Scarlet's Walk has a lot of quietly devestating lines.
  15. I bought my copy used and it didn't have the charm with it. Pity. I've seen a few more since then, but they're all missing the charms too. There were tons of different ones, though; The Dent and Tori Amos Discography both have a bunch of photos.

    I did put up scans of the map and polaroids on MusicBrainz the other day.
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  16. Have any of you ever tried to incorporate the Scarlet's Hidden Treasures songs into the album proper? I'd be curious to listen to a mega "open road" edition of the album with all of the songs sequenced together purposefully by a fan.
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  17. Scarlet’s Walk is a timeless classic that I’m astounded by every time I return to it. Just breath-taking.
  18. Your post made me intrigued to try and I've had just enough w**d. I was aiming for something that doesn't disrupt the feel and flow of the original album. I tried to tie it to the original concept, too. All I knew is it had to end with Gold Dust no matter what, and that Amber Waves couldn't be dethroned as an opener. Doing this made me realize the original is sequenced so perfectly, and that the Hidden Treasures songs work great as an EP. What an era for her.

    Livid that Scarlet's Hidden Treasures isn't streaming anywhere. Some of her best, some she continues to bring out on tour just... lost. As if the diehard Tori fans wouldn't stream them?
    1. Amber Waves
    2. A Sorta Fairytale
    3. Wednesday
    4. strange
    5. Carbon
    6. Crazy
    7. wampum prayer
    8. don't make me come to Vegas
    9. Bug a Martini <--she's still in Vegas, took a break to do some slots and have a martini at the hotel bar
    10. Sweet Sangria
    11. Your Cloud
    12. Pancake
    13. I Can't See New York
    14. Apollo's Frock <--2 long songs as center pieces? both just feel like that too. stark piano after the heaviness of I Can't See New York that carries you into the more earth-y next section
    15. mrs. jesus
    16. Taxi Ride
    17. Tombigbee <--keeping the upbeat energy going, heavy keyboard tracks. Feels masculine going into the more delicate yet fierce and feminine Another Girl's Paradise
    18. Another Girl's Paradise
    19. Seaside <—a quiet moment after the last two tracks that leads you into the last stretch of the album
    20. Scarlet's Walk
    21. Virginia
    22. Ruby Through The Looking Glass <--feel a little hand turning. baby is born, mentioned later in Gold Dust. The guitar riff also sounds sonically similar to Virginia
    23. Indian Summer <--This was the toughest one but it sounds like a closing track. It actually feels like an empowering, optimistic note to end on with Gold Dust almost acting as an end credits song.
    24. Gold Dust
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  19. Gold Dust. What a song. That is all.
  20. Ugh one of my favorite Tori lyrics ever and up there with my favorite Tori album cuts
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