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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Victor Fairbanks, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. American Doll Posse is bloated and all over the place but almost has a Rebel Heart quality to it. Like a playlist, with some production/mastering issues, but enjoyable the whole way through (and broken up into small chunks). The sheer audacity of ADP to me saves it from being outright bad - I think I enjoy everything on it to some degree even if it doesn’t hold up to her previous stuff.
  2. Yeah, I honestly love Doll Posse despite its ridiculous length. Velvet Revolution and Programmable Soda fuckin slap, and I've made it clear how much I stan Bouncing Off Clah-hee-heuds before dd
  3. Posse Bonus is truly awful though. I do love the 70’s rock quality of the record as whole though but the whole concept brought it down as there really is not way to tell which Doll was singing what. The blogs though were fun.
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  4. I remember people thinking they'd found blogs and then they were quickly determined to be fanmade fakes because they were so obvious and tryhard. "I feel something in the air, a coming together of voices from all the corners," etc. Like I cringe from secondhand embarrassment even now.
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  5. I appreciate American Doll Posse more when I view it as Tori playing characters in her own musical. The production still irks me though.

    But 'Girl Disappearing', 'Digital Ghost', 'Code Red', 'Smokey Joe' are outstanding. Less said about 'Dark Side Of The Sun' though.
  6. Agreed! Funnily enough it was my dad who thought I’d enjoy Tori Amos (she came on the college radio and he knew how much I loved Fiona Apple so in retrospect go dad! Taste!) I remember being properly obsessed with Big Wheel and then buying Tales of a Librarian and having my world changed. I’ll always have a specia place for ADP but I do wish we could get a version that sounds expensive
  7. I remember in the run up to ADP, Tori did lots of promo. Particularly across Europe. We had amazing solo live performances of Almost Rosey, Beauty of Speed, Fathers Son, Roosterspur Bridge and Girl Disappearing. The songs were so good.

    And then the album dropped with its naff production and whiney guitar snd “this is Pip, she likes rubber” and yaaw can brang yaw dawg, I got thraaayy. Urgh. Such a shame.

    I honestly feel like, of the trio of TBK-ADP-AATS that The Beekeeper was at least honest. I know Tori has said she wanted more time on the production and mixing, but I honestly feel like the writing on that record was from the heart. Whereas ADP was a complete reaction to TBK being considered too MOR and AATS was a reaction to ADP being too concept heavy and bloated.
  8. American Doll Posse has some songs I enjoy (Big Wheel and Posse Bonus come to mind), but it's not my favorite, and I can understand how it was a letdown after Scarlet and Beekeeper. I think the theming was sort of a Star-Crossed situation where Tori's concept for and presentation of the album was just different from the actual content.

    I actually really like Abnormally Attracted to Sin even though it's where her diction starts to be really bad. In terms of style and instrumentation, I think it's closer to Earthquakes and Pink (my preferred Tori sound) than anything else since then. And visually, I love where she was going with it, though I wish she would have leaned in to the 60s glamour a little more.

    On another topic, namely that of shameless self-promotion because I posted this before in the video games thread but am determined to convince as many people to watch it as possible, I made a series of videos a while back changing all the licensed music in Life Is Strange to Tori (after realizing how incredibly well Scarlet's Walk fits with the game's aesthetic).
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  9. I think we need a rate soon.
  10. I really have grown to like ADP quite a bit, especially the songs that are less "concept" heavy like Almost Rosey and Dragon. I honestly love Beekeeper nearly as much as I do Scarlet. I know it might lack bite but the songs are just so inviting and the whole album is oddly comforting. With only two Tori albums left unheard (Native Invader/Night of Hunters), I am going into the new album fairly confident I will love it.
  11. An embarrassing PopJustice tidbit about me is I’ve never done a rate…. but I would partake in one for Tori.
  12. I've watched this a lot and I think I could watch it every day before I get started with my day.

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  13. Are those deluxe versions of LE, UTP and BFP still available somewhere?
  14. I know somebody was interested in running one (apologies whomever it was I can't remember) and of course I would jump at it. I also have Alanis and my final Kylie one in the pipeline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. What do you guys think of Tales Of A Librarian?
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  16. Remember when she kept calling it " a sonic autobiography"? So Tori. On one hand, the alternate mixes are interesting. Hearing Bliss without the processed vocals shows how powerful her performance is, but the effects on the original really enhance the song. I think "Spark" suffers the worst of all of them. I can't think of any that are superior to the original versions.

    The "Sweet Dreams" and "Mary" re-records aren't great, in my opinion... MAAAAY-RAAAY. But I actually appreciate her giving them a go! I love the live versions and she brought some of that energy to them.

    The elusive chanteuse herself, "Snow Cherries From France." Do people remember the mythology around this song? I'm too lazy to look up the links but Neil Gaiman had called it his favorite song he's heard her sing, or something along those lines, during the Pele era. Having it after all of this time only for it to sound like Scarlet's b-side - a very good thing, I'd say - had people pretty divided. It's grown on me so much and now I'm pretty warm towards it. Beautiful forlorn melody and she sounds so sweet on it.

    "Angels" ... I honestly forget it exists, frequently. Never been a favorite but if I listen to this set, I don't skip it.

  17. I honestly like the alternate mix of Jackie's Strength a lot more than the album version.

    The rest of the alternate mixes are either passable/so subtle it's pointless or downright offensive (Spark...look how they massacred my girl) but I really, really love the photos/art direction and how the liner notes went all-in on the library theme. Snow Cherries from France is also lovely, but I've found that it only truly comes together as a song whenever she plays it live for some reason.
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  18. For one, it should have been a double-disc project. Boys For Pele is done so dirty.
  19. Tales was a great starting point for me to get into Tori, and I'll always appreciate it for that.

    Snow Cherries From France has weird lyrics but is beautiful. Still one of my favorites.
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  20. I am obsessed with Scarlet's Walk again. What an era.
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