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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Victor Fairbanks, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Apparently 'Snow Cherries' was written originally around the same time as 'Peeping Tommi' which blows my mind. Speaking of which the latter is by far one of her best and most underappreciated tracks.
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  2. Like The Whole Story, it was a good introduction to Tori for me. It lead me to fall in love with Little Eathquakes, Boys From Pele and Under The Pink, three of my most favourite albums
  3. I will never understand the fact that the best album of Tori's career (and the best album of all time - Boys For Pele) is represented by two 1:30 minute long tracks (more like interludes) and a remix that disturbes the flow of the songs like a herd of preschoolers in a museum.
  4. Tales makes for a great listen overall, but it is full of choices that seems quirky for the sake of being quirky.
  5. Agreed that Tales was a perfect entry point but that Pele got the short end of the stick. I remember thinking that there must have been something wrong with the album like it flopped or was generally disliked (I had no access to the Tori fanbase at the time!) I thought Mr Zebra was a discography highlight!! When I finally got my hands on Pele, it completely flew over my head. I loved some of the quieter moments (Doughnut Song) but remember finding "Caught a Lite Sneeze" unlistenable!! What a young fool I was!
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  6. Can't say I enjoy Pele at all really. Choirgirl is definitely my favourite.
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  7. Pele is my least favourite of the pre-Fori albums too.
  8. “Speaking with Trees” is apparently the lead single and will be released on 29th Sept
  9. Me too, but I realize it's highly unpopular opinion.
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  10. It may have taken time and experience but Boys for Pele might be my favorite Tori album or at the very least the one I admire her most for. In my mind it is her The Dreaming as she just grabbed hold of her artistic vision and let it fly! I mean have you ever heard a harpsichord go so hard before!?
  11. My relationship with Pele also took time to grow. It was the second album I heard in full, with To Venus and Back + the live disc being the first. That meant the only song I was familiar with going into my first listen of Boys For Pele was Mr. Zebra... which, is not exactly representative of the album. It was so dense in every way and unlike anything I'd heard. The layers of imagery and sounds she used were more nonsensical than the previous two albums, and the way she unhinged her jaw to let out some of those sounds was almost scary (definitely similar to The Dreaming as @Trouble in Paradise mentioned).

    I remember one afternoon, I put on the album again with the hopes of understanding it more. When I got to Hey Jupiter, I started falling asleep. The brass swell of Putting The Damage On slowly woke me, and from that song forward I was transfixed. That song helped me get the core of Pele. I restarted the album and it finally clicked. It's now my favorite album of all time.
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  12. I will never forget the first time I've heard Boys For Pele in full. I was 17 then and for me it was life-changing experience. It changed my view on music completely. I was blown away by Caught A Lite Sneeze so much that I listened to it few times in a row before I moved on to the rest of the album. Since then it stays on the top of my all-time favourite albums list and the 2016 deluxe edition with To The Fair Motormaids of Japan only cemented its position.
  13. Ugh that glorious little sax (?) trill in Muhammad My Friend. Like what kind of eighties sitcom transition music realness
  14. You all have me in the biggest Tori mood and I am just falling deeper in love with all these albums! I will say I think a secret weakness in many of her albums is their sequencing with Scarlets Walk being the best sequenced by a very wide margin. Curious if anyone agrees??
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  15. I listened to Under The Pink on the way home from work and it was just what I needed. Those deep, rich strings behind the chorus of Pretty Good Year, the way they slowly sway back and forth like they're dancing, I love them so much. It's little things like that that just take a song to the next level.

    I don't care for The Waitress.
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  16. I love how Tori isn’t afraid of violent thoughts, that we all think and feel which are actually healthy and therapeutic so we don’t act on them, her talking about wanting to slit her grandmothers through at 5… I mean she is always true to herself.
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  17. For me, there isn’t a single bad song in her 92-02 catalogue and the song order is almost as ingrained in me as the songs themselves. I can’t think of any glaring bad sequencing on those early records but there are probably some fun alternative orders.

    I totally agree about Scarlet being her best sequenced, though. Even more impressive given its length. The albums 05 onwards suffer from outright bad songs which makes the poor sequencing more obvious
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  18. I recently picked up the Toys soundtrack for the Tori/Grace Jones tracks and what a bizarre rarity The Happy Worker is. It's like Tori meets Ace of Base. I'm kind of living for it!
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