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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. And it’s time, time, time... for a new Tori album.

    She’s releasing a new book on May 5th, and I hear the plan is a summer European tour followed by a fall US tour. The album is expected in the fall.

    This will be her first record since her mother passed away. I’m trying to prepare for the devastation.
  2. Wow. It feels like yesterday that the last one was released. I wasn’t expecting something so soon.
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  3. I missed the last tour so this one is a definite.

    The new material will be some of her best in years, I can sense it.
  4. I've heard from ~sources that she's writing a lot. Last time, she booked the tour and titled it before the album was even done! Sounds like the book and recent events have inspired her.
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  5. I was just talking at Christmas with my cousin about how she’s one of those bucket list acts I’m hoping to see soon so lemme hope the new album is amazing and I can score some tickets!
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  6. well the good news is she always plays a huge variety of older songs, and changes the set nightly aside from a few staples. She’s one of my favorite artists to see live for that reason. You never know what you’ll get.
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  7. I've been playing Tori a lot lately so I'm very keen for the next chapter.
  8. Ah, Tori - my 90's muse & artists that helped me through my coming out. Interesting to see what she comes up with!
  9. Someone on twitter claims they’ve seen the book and here’s their review.

  10. Also on reddit someone posted a list of song’s discussed in the book including a new song called Mary’s Raven.

  11. Oh girl im ready
  12. God, seeing "Collectingbees" takes me back. I remember getting mp3 bootlegs from them over a decade ago.
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  13. I'm... ready to pick between 2 and 6 good songs as usual but if she wants to surprise me in a 90s way she's more than welcome. I still can't believe she put out Up The Creek in this "phase" of her career and Reindeer King was amazing too.
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  14. I only really still listen to Bang from the last album. I’ve said it time and time again but I hope there is no Tash anywhere on this.
  15. I love Native Invader, but I really hope she brings back a real band for the new album. I'm over the drum machine, Queen.
  16. Yes, both Unrepentant Geraldines and Native Invader suffer from somewhat cheap sounding drum programming. Using midi instruments and drum programming is not a problem per se, hey, Caught A Lite Sneeze has programmed drums and still sounds amazing today! You just have to do it right. I wouldn't mind having Matt Chmaberlain and Jon Evans back, even for a few tracks. Or any set of musicians, really! There is so much potential in her yet and any muscian would kill to work with her for sure but she's determined to keep it in the family, it seems. Anyway, I'm really intrigued to hear new music from her and hoping for the best. Reindeer King is a late-career highlight and proved she can still easily pull at the heartstrings.
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  17. very "tori amos" record

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  18. I know people have some problems with Native Invader (and so do i) but looking back, i'm proud of her recording an album like that after what she has been through. It still holds up so well. Reindeer King, Up the Creek, Breakaway, Wildwood, Bang, Bats and Climb sit perfectly with old classics in my eyes.

    And i have to command the visuals this era. The power that, that photobook has.
  19. Native Invader was absolutely a return to form, in many ways. It may be the best we get if she refuses to work with outside collaborators. It gives me hope for the next album, that's for sure.
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