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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Ahhh excited for you!

    I agree, go in order and opt for the remasters of Little Earthquakes, Under The Pink, and Boys For Pele. They sound incredible. Just a note that those are deluxe versions containing b-sides and performances from the era. Earthquakes ends with the title track, Pink ends with "Yes, Anastasia" and Pele ends with "Twinkle."

    Then definitely keep going chronologically and dive into From The Choirgirl Hotel. I would give anything to discover it this way! I heard it after To Venus and Back (my first Tori album), so I was already used to her electronic exploration. Had I heard Choirgirl first, it would have 1. knocked me over with the sonic shift compared to the first three albums and 2. make me appreciate Venus even more, where she doubles down on the plugged sound - which yes, then do To Venus and Back next. It has a live disc featuring tons of songs you'll have heard and a few introductions to fan favorite b-sides.

    If you like Earthquakes-Venus, I'd say you're a fan and you can start exploring the patchy latter half of her career. There is absolute gold on the 2000s-2010 albums but the she takes some wrong turns, ones she's even alluded to.

    Check in with us throughout! It'd be great to hear what you're enjoying and what you're not.
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  2. If you want to start with her best album, go with From The Choirgirl Hotel, otherwise I agree the first five in order are the best way. After that I'd recommend Unrepentant Geraldines, Scarlet's Walk, and American Doll Posse in that order.
  3. Going in Chronological order is a must. Little Earthquakes is one of those rare perfect debut albums to me.
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  4. Definitely go in chronological order from Little Earthquakes through Scarlet's Walk—it's one of the all-time greatest album runs in popular music.
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  5. Well now I’m all emotional

  6. The Beekeeper and American Doll Posse look a lot better retrospectively. I feel like The Beekeeper was the last record she did not hold back while writing and did not dress the songs in convoluted metaphors (songs about getting older, her daughter, her mother's health condition, her marriage hitting on a wall, her brother's death etc) and looking back i really, really appreciate it. The album is very adult contemporary but also very beautiful and heart breaking at times? Toast has been mentioned a lot and rightly so, but other than that Martha's Foolish Ginger and Goodbye To Pisces are so emotional and tender. Even a nothingy song like Hoochie Woman is a lot more than it seems at first glance.

    American Doll Posse is long especially if you add the three b-sides but i feel like the record is full of amazing pop hooks and experiments so coming after The Beekeeper, the experience feels revitalizing. Body and Soul will go down as one of her best rock moments. Teenage Hustling is a bit of a WTF moment but i still love the sheer audacity of it.
  7. So I listened to the first 4 albums today and my initial fave tracks are:
    • Crucify
    • Precious Things
    • Winter
    • China
    • Me and A Gun (this one was... devastating)
    • Little Earthquakes
    • God
    • Bells for Her
    • Past the Mission
    • The Waitress
    • Icicle
    • Space Dog
    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Professional Widow
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Talula
    • Doughnut Song
    • Spark
    • Cruel
    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Jackie's Strength
    • Iieee
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Hotel
    I'd say so far I'm most partial to From The Choir Girl Hotel, but I'm gonna spend some more time with these albums before I delve any further. I'm really enjoying her so far!
  8. Don't forget the check the b-sides cause there are some career highlights over there. Also ecstatic to see Yes, Anastasia on your favorite songs. To me, it could be her magnum opus.
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  9. Has anyone read the book yet?
  10. 4 new albums in one day? You’re on fire!!!
    Little Earthquakes the song is so underrated I feel compared to the rest of the album.
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  11. Had a really vivid recollection of my actual first Tori experience being downloading (...) American Doll Posse when it was released and I liked the title and some people on a Bjork forum mentioned I might like her. My copy ended with Secret Spell, so I genuinely thought it was just a ten track album, with Fat Slut as one of the full tracks. Secret Spell sounds like a closer so I was none the wiser! I thought it was MAD and kinda loved it, but mostly forgot about it until I delved back in months later with Tales (and realised that ADP was the opposite of a BRIEF album).

    I'm listening now and I do love it - I don't think there's a bad song on it. Some compressed production, sure, but I love the kind of camp, glam energy that permeates across a lot of it. It has some of her best latter day 'straight-forward' songs, and I love the melodies and lyrics in some, even if they weren't as oblique as classic Tori at the time.

    The characters had me hooked. I was on holiday in Florida (same winter I was there and got To Venus and Strange Little Girls, completing my Tori CD collection at the time) and demanded we go to an internet cafe (!) to check MSN messenger, but really to check this incredible site. What songs would she be performing next? What Doll came out? What old songs would become canon for that character?! UGH! Honestly so camp!

    I even stanned that flat-ass photoshop job album art, but mostly this image which should have been the cover.

    She categorically served as Santa, and I won't hear a word against it.
  12. Santa was a gay icon and my favorite doll. You Can Bring Your Dog is so camp and glam, can not help but stan.
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  13. American Doll Posse was basically Madame X before Madame X.

    I have the physical book ready to read, but I listened to an hour of the audiobook last night and when her voice started shaking reading the lyrics to 'Gold Dust' I nearly broke.
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  14. She was Santa at my show, and she came out doing Body and Soul. What a start to my first Tori concert.


    At one point I condensed her 05-09 albums. The Beekeeper was brought down to 12 songs, Doll Posse to 13, and Abnormally to 11.
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  15. Still about 8 or 9 too many.
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  16. Ffff my version of Abnormally Attracted has...six songs
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  17. Here for the AATS hate, but the most surprising part when I saw her on the Geraldines tour was when she did Maybe California and that solo piano version was magical....I tried falling in love with the album version when I got back home but I just can't.
  18. But every album had at least a few corkers and keepers. Flavor, Smokey Joe, Digital Ghost (another underrated gem), Curtain Call, Winter's Carol, Oysters, Toast, Goodbye Pisces, Orange Knickers, they're all classics in her discography in my book... Oh, Fire in Your Plain is a guilty pleasure of mine, too. It's Tori doing Madonna-style pop, and it actually works!!!
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  19. I heard Curtain Call today for the first time in years and it still kinda reeks to me. But not as bad as Fast Horse, which I remember liking at the time. Woof.
    Abnormally.. was the first album released as a stan (I mean I become one during the ADP tour, but yeah) and it was though. It sounded cheap then and cheaper now. Her insular nature and creating everything in house with the same few musicians in her house without any external influence was... evident. Signing to DG a few years later for Hunter, Gold Dust and the tour/s helped a little with letting some air back in for sure.
  20. This thread made me revisit American Doll Posse this morning and WHEW! It holds up!

    The album was extra scrutinized by fans upon release because it followed The Beekeeper, the first recognizable dip in quality in her catalogue. There was a thirst for her to get her fire back and churn out something worth sitting alongside the run of albums through 2002. Unfortunately, American Doll Posse didn't hit the landing as smoothly as people hoped; bloated tracklist, convoluted concept (the BLOGS?!), and questionable production choices. Released in 2007, it's actually fascinating to listen to it now knowing what the world was like then. "Yo George" instantly took me back to the collective anger we felt as progressive, liberal citizens and we didn't think it could get worse. It's stings knowing the Obama years came right after (no, not perfect either, save it for the US Politics thread) but it also illustrates Tori's ability to observe and translate. I'd honestly forgotten "Dark Side of the Sun" even existed until it came on today. I love when the drums kick in on "Brush back my tears, he said girl."

    Also, there are some fucking bops. Bouncing Off Clouds, Big Wheel, Digital Ghost, Secret Spell, Body and Soul - honestly everything has an accessibility she hadn't explored in this way.
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