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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I stan Bouncing Off Clouds more than probably any other contemporary Tori song ever. It's gotten me through some shit.
  2. I remember fans writing fake Doll blogs trying to pass them off as the real thing with dreamy, vapid, “Tori-esque” phrasing and structure. I also remember Tori herself saying she was gearing up to release “a vital work”.
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  3. AATS is a festering turd of a record, beat used as a coaster. Should’ve been an EP.
  4. I think it is the time for me to come out as 500 Miles stan. It is actually one of the songs that i still enjoy from AATS.
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  5. American Doll Posse was my first proper Tori era. The album has so many good songs and it would definitely make my top 3. I really wish it was produced by someone else because the songwriting itself is amazing.
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  6. I hate the overall cheese of most of the song, but the gear change in the second verse always gives me goosebumps and is my favourite moment on that album.
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  7. I'm listening to Baltimore for the first time.

    What kind of Mellow Gold, 1980 sitcom theme bop? Why do I love this??
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  8. 500 Miles (shudder)... It was Tori trying to be Jewel, did not work.
  9. I love the B-side even more :')

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  10. The book is a really easy read. I’m
    3/4 of the way through. It’s not like... life-changing stuff, and is really just like an extended conversation where Tori talks through her career journey with a political bent, which IS interesting. Goes into “Muses” territory a bit too much but she’s essentially just talking about the creative process so I can deal. Love how the song lyrics weave in and out of the narrative. Adds new dimension to some for sure. And I adore the stories she shares from the shows over the years.
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  11. The "live archive" mentioned in that interview last week made me realise this book release should've had some live shows uploaded accompanying it. When I was getting to certain chapters and she was mentioning specific sets, I wanted to go and listen to them again!

    The full Washington show she mentions is here -
  12. Yeah, especially the Strange Little Tour moment. I had a couple of live cuts from it in my old iTunes library like Cool on Your Island that were just astounding. I need to listen to whole boots of that tomorrow whilst working I think.
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  13. I finished Resistance. It was a cute, meaningful snapshot of her life. Really quick and easy read too, which I was grateful for. The third 'act' goes into detail about her Mother's decline and it's incredibly sad.

    I made this playlist of all the songs as they appear in the narrative if anyone wants the aural experience. It's made me reassess a couple of the newer songs I didn't give enough attention to. The focus on Scarlet's Walk songs in the book was welcome too.
  14. Having a moment to this today.

  15. Tori mood today because of a chapter that closed in my life. I know there are a few @forums/unforumzed people here! They closed their doors yesterday after over 2 decades.

    The community took on a few iterations, but many of the people remained. Most of us connected outside the forums and maintained relationships on social media. I've known some of them longer and more intimately than some of my In Real Life friends. I was 15 when I joined, the summer before Scarlet's Walk was released. I vividly recall the outrage over the single edit sounding too Adult Contemporary and how the sampler was very "AM Radio." Then of course, The Beekeeper was released and the great exodus occurred.

    The discussions we had about the music and tours shaped my perception and appreciation for Tori's music. Plus, the community lead me to artists like PJ Harvey, Over The Rhine, Ani DiFranco, and others formative to my taste. Much like this place does for me now.
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  16. I wasn’t too terribly active on unforumzed (I think I was a little intimidated and I don’t know why nn) but I’m sad it closed, I lurked regularly and it was fun to read people’s opinions on Tori and alternate artwork, etc. The bootlegs people shared were a godsend in my baby EWF days.
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  17. While i found several users of unforumzed’s takes on her controversial years borderline agist and sexist, the forum was a nice place for discussion. Buying
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  18. Here. In My Head website was a great archive of lyrics and compiled song meanings from interviews by Tori.
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  19. I joined in 2011 but had been lurking since 2006. Following the setlists live won't be the same from now on.
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  20. Another Unforumzed member and I provided a setlist in real time once on there.

    I will seriously miss it.
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