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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I browsed unforumzed looking for a definitive list of Tori (and PJ Harvey who i'm also just starting to get into) b-sides, that sucks...
  2. Her Wikipedia discography page is actually pretty comprehensive!
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  3. That's how you do a Christmas album. I mean Christmas EP.

    I have just ordered my copy!
  4. I have to admit I’m not the biggest Christmas person, but I love that it’s new original songs not covers of traditional Christmas songs. And it’s exciting she’s bringing the band back, Hope Matt and Jon also play on her new album.
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  5. That cover art tho, Myra Ellen sis!
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  6. You forgot about Mark! How dare you!

    Just kidding.
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  8. I hope if we ever get back to live shows she tours with a band again even if it means she can’t change the set list from night to night as much.
  9. I love Tori and that looks lovely but 23.95 for 4 songs is just not it for me and my bank account.
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  10. After Midwinter Graces I just can’t get excited about this at all.
  11. Yeh not a lover of Christmas songs but yay for working with Matt & Jon again. They were noticeably absent from her last 2 records
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  12. I understand your point because I’m not a fan of that either, but hopefully with Matt and Jon involved this will have a different sound and style.
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  13. I just... the artwork. Oh Tori.

    But Matt & Jon, YAY! That's super exciting, since that likely means they're on the new album too...
  14. Resistance was a throwback to the Tori I fell in love with in 1992 and I’ve been hoping that carries over to her new music. Bringing back Matt Chamberlain and Jon Evans bodes well.

    I’ve played Venus Still Orbiting a lot over the last year. Waitress, Sugar and Cooling will never not be astonishing.

    I managed to get a signed copy of the EP. I usually rock up after scalpers have made off with all the signed copies. This was a delightful and surprising development...

    I kind of love Midwinter Graces. Unless you make peace with the fact that there’s Earthquakes/Pink/Pele/Choirgirl/Venus and then there’s everything else, you’re destined to suffer! People have lost decades debating which albums need to be shorter and whether Tori should work with a producer.
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  15. The fact Matt and Jon are back in the fold makes me emotional. Hopefully when she can tour they'll be back too.

  16. Here’s a preview.
  17. Only just saw this news and well the vinyl is already sold out...
  18. I hate Christmas records, granted this probably will be better than MWG (what a bar to clear) but like can we come up with something else?

    I know i should be glad that there is new music but there, i said it.
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