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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Yeah i still do not think she will step out of her comfort zone but i'm glad that her songwriting and vocals survived the year of 2009. She also seems at peace with her identity and legacy as an artist too and gives very down to earth interviews which is something that had been missing during those years.
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  2. I think being approached by the Deutsche Grammophon people boosted her self-confidence and made her reassess her artistry. That tour with the quartet was so powerful to watch in person.
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  3. From what I know so far, the album will drop before the November election and the tour will follow almost immediately.

    No plans for a summer tour yet. Recording is scheduled to start in March. No band, it will be another album of Tori & Mark only, with programming.

    some of the themes from the album are things she was exploring between UG and NI, before Trump got in. That coupled with her mother’s illness changed the direction of NI.
  4. I’m getting married in June so as long as the tour doesn’t clash with my wedding, I’m happy. I haven’t missed a tour since 2002.
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  5. 2009 was a fucking disaster. AATS is really the low point of her career. I was so relieved in 2010 on the European tour when she walked out on staged and absolutely belted out the set and rocked it harder than I’ve ever seen her. Mamma T made a triumphant return that summer.
  6. I... didn’t mind AATS. I return to more songs on it than American Doll Posse and The Beekeeper, anyway. But it is the one tour I didn’t see live. Have I missed what else was wrong with 2009 aside from the album not being that popular?
  7. I LOOOOVVEEE The Beekeeper, but it does divide the fans.

    2009. Weak album, weak tour and Midwinter Fucking Graces.
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  8. Book tour dates!

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  9. I'll be seeing the LA talk!
  10. Got my tickets and a signed copy of the book for the DC show!!
  11. I'm glad she's proceeding with the book release as planned, and really hope we get some remote performances soon.

    The interview is great. She sounds really inspired as a songwriter these days.
  12. What a fantastic interview.
    I love her so much.
  13. More of a General Discussion post, but -

    I put on To Venus and Back yesterday while I played Animal Crossing yesterday. It was the perfect soundtrack for completing tasks and exploring.

    I can't get over the live album, too. It was one of my first introductions to her back catalogue. It's such a feast! All of the lowkey iconic banter, the way the band sounds just as frantic and unhinged as Tori's operatic vocal stylings for that tour, the expansive setlist. I remember being obsessed with how angry and sprawling the live version of "Waitress" was, and being let down by the more slightly toothless 94 studio version. I've grown to love both, but Waitress Plugged is a fucking mood.

    If only that tour was properly immortalized. I was dreaming of a full Plugged 98 show as bonus content alongside the Choirgirl reissue. I still mourn that.
  14. I'm so glad Tori is so cool about fans taping so many of her shows, because the lack of professional documentation of her 90s tours is a bit shocking. The fact that "new" previously unheard shows were circulating as recently as 2014 is neat.

    I've been trying to find one particular Dew Drop Inn show for ages now but I don't know if discussion of these things is exactly kosher nn
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  15. I'd love to get a HQ version of the Miami Dew Drop Inn show one day. That early version of 'Cooling' has always fascinated me.
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  16. Live bootlegs are so special. Especially with artists like Tori, where every show is a living and breathing entity of its own.

    I mean unless Mods say otherwise... I'd love to chat bootlegs! Which one are you looking for @Andy French?

    2001/Strange Little Tour remains my favorite. *Every* show was great, and her voice was in superior shape.
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  17. I just shot you a PM just in case!
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  18. All this talk is making me nostalgic for fall 1999 when every sound that came out of Tori's mouth was catalogued and uploaded to the internet in .mp3 format. I wish I still had some of those live recordings. I remember loving the performances but living for the hilarious in-between song banter. Good times indeed.
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  19. In preparation for the book, I'm on a Tori binge. Scarlet's Walk last night, taking a walk in the evening rain. Everything. Especially Your Cloud. I probably spend more time thinking about Scarlet's Walk than I do any other album in her discography.

    Doll Posse was the first album she released after I became a proper fan. It leaked before the release and I remember downloading it. I liked a lot of it, but I was looking forward to the actual CD because the muddy sound quality led me to believe that a recording of a recording of the album was what had leaked. Well.
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