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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. It’s terrible. Yeah I probably would have bought it even if it hadn’t been signed, but the signature was a big draw for me. I can’t bear it when stuff like this happens. Very much a first world problem I know, but the least they can do is deliver what we paid for.
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  2. A strange twist in the tale. I ordered via this site, which is where I thought I got my Christmastide vinyl from. Their Customer Service email form has now been disabled and I can't contact them. Has anyone used them before or are they a scam?!
  3. ^ I bought the mystery signed bundle a while ago and all was legit. But I notice they've shot the price right up now.
  4. Oh... think I was conned then.
  5. So having contacted the official store to complain, this is the response I got.


    Bad enough, but when you consider they’re now actively taking preorders on the site for the signed vinyl with a release date of April, it’s scandalous. If there are more signed copies coming in just a few months, then why didn’t they offer me one of those? Or are they about to scam another bunch of people in April with “signed” copies that will turn out not to be signed?

    I’m going to contact her management about this and ask what’s going on.
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  6. People are reporting on Facebook that the album is called Ocean to Ocean with a preorder date of October 1, and a release date of October 29.
  7. I've gotten some T on the album as well and I can't share much but it's not a double album, Matt and Jon are on it, and the initial impressions are positive/intriguing.

    and apparently the album cover isn't great...
  8. I’ve heard much the same thing.
    Described to me as….

    bad wig, bad outfit, too airbrushed, staring off into space vacant Jesus pose on a beach
  9. I just need the music to follow in the steps she took on Native Invader. Imagine an album firing at the heights of Reindeer King and Up the Creek?!
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  10. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    So pretty much business as usual then

  11. *eyes emoji*
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  12. OH GOD OH FUCK OH CRAP. I knew there had to be a reason the RAINN '97 version of Horses came up on shuffle as I was driving to work this morning.

    I like the idea of a concept album about the ocean. Her Captain Nemo is coming!
  13. UGH. YES.

    I meant to go on a little urban hike yesterday with my six-hour "box set" Tori playlist but the weather isn't quite there yet. She was also on my mind this weekend because of Scarlet's Walk and I Can't See New York and all the things she said about what it was like to be in Manhattan during that, the smell of the smoke in the air, the need to hold vigil and provide "emotional bandages", and that incredible Time performance on Letterman.

    It's time for an album. I need it. I want it.
  14. BOP!

  15. I was thinking more this honestly dd

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  16. Both. Both is good.
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  17. Kate Bush found fuming and throwing her atlantis/ocean theme album in the bin.
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  18. What I imagine... Polish_20210914_165453098.jpg
  19. Tash is only on backing vocals this time folks.
  20. Watch this cover being better than what we get. AJSJDJFLFL
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