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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Scarlet's Walk is fantastic. I remember being a bit sore about it when it came out because I saw it as a "rival" to Bjork's Greatest Hits bonanza happening at the same time (oh to be 14 years old) and I thought Tori was a "silly" adult contemporary singer in comparison. Then one of my friends finally convinced me to give her a try and I picked Choirgirl as my starting point. Needless to say, crow was eaten and I soon bought Scarlet too. Good memories!
  2. A&E


    An excerpt from the audiobook:
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  3. She stays having the most soothing speaking voice in music
  4. Have you listened on vinyl? I remember her talking about how they mixed the album specifically for vinyl. They wanted a "warm" sound... which totally translates on record, but creates the muddy sound on digital recordings. Not her best move, but I swear the album really does sound better.
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  5. I haven’t. Matter of fact, I’ve never heard a Tori album on vinyl though I’d love to.
  6. I've been trying to find a vinyl rip for years so I can hear the difference. The LP is so expensive everywhere I've looked!

  7. An interesting interview all-around, but when Oklahoma starts coming out in Tori's voice around 6:40... a real floating-out-of-body moment.
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  8. I love her so much. Lowkey mad we never got a studio cover of Oklahoma - the way she turned Home On The Range into a ballad about Native rights is still incredible to me.

  9. I love her description of where Cooling was supposed to go.
  10. Do we know the status of Tori’s master tape ownership? What’s hers, what’s not, etc.
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  12. Just ordered a signed copy off Rough Trade. Wasn’t hugely interested in the book but feeling an urge to reconnect with Tori - and why not now?
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  13. Tori will always be one of my all-time favorite artists. But for the last several albums, I think the issue I'm struggling with is that she doesn't seem to want to "roar" anymore, like she did on her fast and furious tracks like Caught a Lite Sneeze, Precious Things, and Spark. Her ballads are still achingly beautiful, but her uptempo songs have been quite lacking imo, so the albums have lacked the balance of her earlier works. Regardless, I am excited to hear the new album, but I really hope she can let go more than she has for quite a while.
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  14. Scarlet's Walk is a good album, yes - but there's one thing that has annoyed me since its release; (nearly) all the songs end the exact same way...
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  15. yeah extending the last syllable of every song loses its impact a bit after the 16th time. Great album otherwise. Really looking forward to the book, not sure if I’ll do audio or printed.
  16. Thank you, it's one of my favorite Tori albums but I've never seen anyone actually mention this.
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  17. I feel like the songs purposefully end that way to show that "Scarlet" is on a continuous journey around America and it's only when she looks back at the end of 'Gold Dust' that the journey ends with the keys of the piano echoing away.

    ...or not.

    Oh and yes American Doll Posse does sound better on vinyl, the bass is less compressed.
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  18. On the subject of Gold Dust, I swear some people will never enjoy anything in life because they don't know when to just be quiet.
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