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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Oh, I feel for her. I know that pain, having lost my mum just last year.

    I think the interviewer was just a little star-struck and possibly unsure how to react when she teared up.

    I'm really excited for this album.
  2. This link just takes me to a random YouTube page, am I missing something?
  3. I managed to read it through the cached version of the page -


  4. It is indeed, I'm diving in now!!

    Edit: Well, it's hard not to be hyperbolic but...this is one of if not the best record she's put out since Scarlet's Walk. The production and instrumentation, how grandiose the melodies are, her vocals, how impassioned and inspired the whole thing is, how flaming expensive it all sounds!? I'm completely blown away.
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  5. I’m listening now.

    the best moments are when she’s singing LOW. Her high voice isn’t coping well with the high notes. Or long notes. I’m not sure how the heck she’s gonna cope on tour singing her older stuff. I’m guessing live staples like Hotel, Sugar and Cooling may be retired.

    Addition of Light Divided would be amazing if you could actually hear what she’s singing.
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  6. After a few listens to this, it's fantastic. That feels so good to say about a Tori Amos album in 2021. It's good in a "this is actually good!" versus a "good enough" record. It's more instant, full, and alive than she's been in a while. That's not to say Native Invader wasn't great, because it was the start of an upward climb and has aged beautifully.

    Ocean to Ocean is a different beast. Reuniting with Matt Chamberlain and Jon Evans combined with new mixing talent makes this sound fresh and alive. Her energy changes when other musicians are involved - she levels up her own game in a noticeably way. The pianos and keyboards interact with the drums and bass, rather than simply lying on top of them. Then there's the strings! John Shenale brought his own A-game to this too. They add a full atmosphere to every track they appear in a way that the strings helped make Under The Pink sound so beautiful. Production-wise, Tori and Mark finally took some exciting risks; the atmospheric intro to Devil's Bane, the distortion on her vocals in Metal Water Wood, the electronics on Spies - in this regard, she hasn't been this adventurous since Choirgirl and Venus. Not saying these songs are on par with those, but some of them come damn close.

    There's also the fact that this album is about two emotional pillars that make it easy to connect with. The first is the pandemic, with Tori being vocal about how it impacted her and that being a shared trauma for all of us. Secondly, her mother. Mary is woven through so many songs in her catalogue and inspired entire concepts on albums like The Beekeeper and Native Invader. There is a palpable sense of true grief and loss on this record, like we're grieving with her.

    It's easier to name the songs that are still growing on me - Addition of Light Divided and How Glass Is Made have both taken me more time to dig into, but I still enjoy them. There isn't a single bad song, though! I'm in love with so many moments of the album, and it strikes me how much some of it reminds me of Kate Bush. Kate would absolutely sing a song like Metal Water Wood.

    Can't wait to read more thoughts and discussion on this record. The fact is, Tori is 58 and we have less album cycles ahead of us than behind us. I hope she goes for as long as she's willing and able, but it's not lost on me that we're fortunate to have this kind of record from her deep into her career.
  7. I’m going to need more time with it. It’s sounding pleasant on first listen, but rather bland and a little overproduced and samey. The production choices often sound really dated to me.

    No doubt it’ll grow on me.
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  8. yeh I don’t love it yet. I’m really glad people do but…hmm…I don’t know. I think it’s sonically and lyrically interesting (apart from “Spies” which I can’t stand) but her vocal delivery is really leaving me cold. These should be such emotive songs but I’m just not drawn in.

    Hats off to Matt, Jon, JPS, Tash, Mark and producer Tori though. The album sounds great.
  9. I was worried about her voice and while it's definitely a little more restrained, I actually think it works great for these. The delicacy on Flowers Burn to Gold, the warmth on Spies, the swagger on Devil's Bane - huge fan.

    This is also a total grower of an album and I've noticed new bits I've liked on each subsequent listen.
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  10. The album is here for most of Europe! Lemme give it a cute listen.

  11. Just pressed 'Play' on Addition Of Light Divided!
  12. Thoughts after one listen:
    • "Addition of Light Divided" is immense, it will probably become my favourite from the album
    • It's her most digestible album since Venus, thanks to its length yes, but also because the songs are actually good
    • The strings are exquisite, especially on "New York State", they give that additional dimention to the songs like they did on Little Earthquakes
    • Goodnight
  13. I waited up until 12am to listen.
    Pretty much loving every song.
  14. This album is the most instant for me from Tori in a long time, love the instrumentation and production.
    Will need a few more listens but this could be her best since insert classic album.
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  15. I'm waiting for your thoughts on the album, yo!
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  16. They're pending! I'm in the process of listening to the full thing now that I finally got my VPN to work nn

    So far it's definitely her best produced album in god knows how long - I didn't have any issues with Native Invader per se, but Matt, Jon, etc. being in the mix really does flesh things out.
  17. Clownery aside, there are realities associated with her voice. Nobody is saying anybody has to prefer the current state to its peak - which lasted a long time! Some of the best recorded vocals I've ever heard and will remain for us to experience as many time as we want. She was in her 20s and 30s when she unleashed something like the high notes in Yes Anastasia or the operatics of Hotel.

    She's almost 60 and still delivers lines like the "take my shattered dreams" part of Metal Water Wood, or the verses of 29 Years. I'm all about critiquing delivery and she has some wild pronunciation, but this is how she sounds. If you don't like the sound, that's fine. Not everybody is choosing to hear Joni Mitchell's smokers voice on her latter records, but you learn to appreciate them in different light. Calling her a granny covid survivor is...gross.
  18. And they are MISS.ING.OUT.
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  19. Addition of Light Divided is gorgeous, I’m not able to fully listen to this until album tomorrow evening, but just hearing that song and knowing the singles is enough to have faith this is a tight collection of songs that will make me want to come back for more.
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