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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Swim To New York State, oh my god. I have chills?
  2. It comes at such a good time on the album too. She sequenced the whole record well, but the emotional wallop of Swim to New York State after the dark, sweaty vibe of Devil's Bane is perfect.
  3. Really liking this! Whether that's newness bias / it being the first release since I became a fan, or it's simply that good, I'm just happy it's hitting the mark.
  4. Is it hyperbolic to say that the tone of the bass on the title track is giving Jaco Pastorius at certain points?
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  5. You’re so right. Very Amelia.
    I also get vague Strange Little Girls teas from some of the bass on the album.
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  6. I wasn't expecting to love Birthday Baby as much as I do, but what a stunning closer. Sonically it feels like a sister song to Bachelorette, and in terms of vocals it's one of the best takes on the album.

    I'm still formulating specific thoughts about the album as a whole, but my first listen verdict is: it's a shoot, your honor.
  7. She hasn't been this present in so long. I'm so moved by everything.
  8. Devil’s Bane is amazing. The back vocals, the instrumental piece in the middle of the song, her vocals etc..

    I stan a queen.
  9. Alright i finished the album and the only song i feel like needed a different vocal take was How Glass is Made. I think the whole thing would have felt a lot more powerful if she had sang it in her lower register. It is meant to feel delicate but just come across as weird at times.

    Other than that, i think this is a great album. The band sounds good and kudos to Tori. Everything sounds meticulously crafted, both in the production booth and songwriting sessions. I think Native Invader had more highs for me at the first listen but it also has some lows which Ocean To Ocean does not have. It is a very solid record from starting to finish.
  10. OK, this is great. This is time to get really excited about a Tori album again.
  11. Metal Water Wood is THAT bitch
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  12. This is stunning. Easily her most cohesive and fully realised record since Scarlett’s Walk.
  13. Wait at this being just a solid, unpretentious listen free of any “cringe” moments (for lack of a better term). Her voice - relatively - sounds good. The arrangements are now classic soft rock T, the songs feel relatively unadorned and nicely listenable.

    Like… 29 Years kind of gives me OG Tori? And it’s been a few albums since I’ve felt like that! Not sat with lyrics out for any of it but I look forward to digesting it all more.
  14. I just received my CD copy. I will listen to it on my headphones tonight. Excited, especially after reading some of your reviews on here.

    The booklet looks very good - several photo's in there that would've made a better cover photo in my opinion, but well...
  15. Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot
  16. Why am I singing '' of..... clouuuddddss'' after finishing listening to this album!?!
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  17. Because it slaps?
  18. This album really is pretty fantastic. It’s sounds fresh and expensive. Vocally I don’t don’t anything bad at all here she’s nearly 60 and sound great?!?

    I can’t even pick my favourites I’m loving the whole experience. Production wise I’d say it’s her best since The Beekeeper.

    The background vocals are also divine and give the album soul along with the live instrumentation.
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