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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Anybody heard any midweeks for this?
  2. CD
  3. I think if you ordered the vinyl and cd together unless you chose split shipping you will get them both together?
  4. There is something really quite revelatory about this album, despite almost all the elements being very much in the 'Tori and Friends since the early 00s' wheelhouse she stays firmly in at all times. Others identified it; the sense that the songs are clear, direct (relatively) and deeply personal. Not that her other recent material hasnt been the latter, but so often her work since the mid-00s has felt cluttered, or over-adorned, crumbling slightly (or entirely in some case) under the weight of concepts, conceits, themes and decorations, without much room to breathe.

    While I would still love her music to break more out of the slightly hermetic production her and hubby always default to, it works better here than on some other records.

    I've already taken to this so much more than Native Invader, despite that having some good (if unmemorable) songs. I'll definitely have to spend more time with that now.

    If only the art direction had been on point! On that front I will say that my cassette is lovely - by far one of the best since they 'came back'. So many artists just pump out cheaply made Cassette packages but hers has a full fold-out booklet and everything just looks very cute.

    There's an image from the booklet that might have worked better (close-up, she's in something green), but by and large they're the same 'Tori in dodgy couture posing awkwardly' she's done for a long time, bless ha.
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  5. #12
  6. I love the whole thing!
    I’ve just sat and listened to it through and it’s just a gorgeous experience
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  7. I've re-listened to Native Invader today after replaying Ocean To Ocean non stop and... I still think it's two career bests (Reindeer King and Up The Creek) surrounded by a lot of samey album tracks, with the exception of Bang which is still a nice percussion moment.
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  8. To be fair, Ed's first album is brilliant. It's only the last couple he's become intolerable.

    I've always loved Tori's cover of 'Boys In The Trees'
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  9. Agreed Reindeer has become an an all time favourite.
    Native Invaders reminds me of To Venus and Back, which also has its fair share of classics Concertina. 1000 oceans and possibly Spring Haze
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  10. She got me into it and it’s been a favourite for most of my life now. An incredible song. Also how shocked was I to listen to that whole album and learn that, no, You Belong To Me was not a J.Lo original dd
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  11. Still not over this not being an album cover for Posse.
  12. I know this literally meets the brief I was making fun of from my post but it’s also fucking brilliant and looks intentional and…well, striking! I couldn’t tell you if it’s good, but I love it.
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  13. I’ve just ordered the blue vinyl - I was going to hold off as the cover put me off!
  14. The shot of Tori in a green sequinned top is gorgeous, but the shot of her from behind looking at the ocean is my favourite of the era thus far. (I mean the album artwork, not magazine photoshoots.)
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  15. agreed that would have been a great cover
  16. Deutsche Grammophon can go to hell. They wrote that shipping date in January 2022 was a mistake and it will ship sooner than that but my CD will not include a signed art card.
  17. She's written a nice piece for The Guardian. I screamed at this part, it's so her
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