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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Finally managed to listen to this in full, and bloody hell I absolutely love it. It's a very dynamic record, and I love how emotional and engaged she sounds on it.

    The only weak moment for me is Spies, but even that sounds better in the context of the album (I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn't enamoured when I heard it in isolation).

    Looking forward to digging into this record much more.
  2. My signed cd has not shipped either. I just sent them an email. What’s the hold up? Should be dispatched on release date no?
  3. I've listened to the album so much the last few days, there are so many highlights. I'm mainly fucking pissed at myself that I didn't get tickets for the tour, but I know I'd be a sobbing mess if she performed some of these tracks ('Flowers Burn To Gold', 'Swim To New York State') and the way she phrases and just manages to hit so hard with certain lines. "You don't need to stay broken don't wanna stay broken"
  4. I think I’ll treat myself to a ticket to the Glasgow show after being a little indifferent initially about the idea!
  5. The album is at #12 in the UK midweeks.
  6. I'm making it a mission to figure out what the fuck is up with Tori's streaming catalogue. There is just so much missing. I'm sure it's a combination of licensing, label switches, etc. I doubt it's Tori herself keeping specific songs from streaming? Even if that's the case, I'd love to know who to apply the pressure.

    Fellow fans, can you help me with a list? Off the top of my head, previously commercially released that are not available on streaming services in the US (would love to know if you've found them in a different country)

    Do It Again
    If 6 Was 9
    A Case Of You
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    I'm On Fire
    Only Women Bleed
    After All
    Strange Fruit

    Operation Peter Pan
    Ruby Through The Looking Glass
    Bug a Martini
    Apollo's Frock
    Indian Summer
    My Posse Can Do

    Forest of Glass
    White Telephone to God
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  7. Album down to #21 in the midweeks sadly. Such a shame the vinyl editions weren’t ready this week.
  8. Forest of Glass was exclusive to the UG Deluxe CD & White Telephone was an iTunes exclusive - Dixie was an Amazon exclusive.

    Mountain & Garlands have never had a physical release. Blasphemy.

    There are definitely copyright/licensing issues with some of her covers and Butterfly was done for a film soundtrack so there’s issues with re-releasing that. Same as the Tornado Mix of Talula.
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  9. Purple People also needs to be available the actual b side version, Dixie and Operation Peter Pan.
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  10. Apparently "Miracle" is available in some places. A fan from Mexico was able to stream.

    The platform exclusives like Dixie and White Telephone to God will likely not see a widespread release, but anything that was available on CD including deluxe tracks and b-sides should be out there. Those are more of my focus.

    Butterfly and Losing My Religion seem more challenging too because they're soundtrack songs, but perhaps not impossible.

    If anyone wants to comment on songs I'm missing or anything that'd be helpful... I'm starting to track this shit. Pop Music Activism has gotten A*Teens on streaming, surely we can get some of these listed.

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  11. Listening to this album at night time is such a completely different experience.
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  12. Okay but please stick Purple People on there!
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  13. Butterfly and Losing My Religion might be available somewhere (or have been at some point) as I found them greyed out on a playlist although they don't show play count.
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  14. I have pretty much all these as hq rips in my Apple Music library… some of them it makes sense that they’re rarities, but the Scarlets Hidden Treasures absence always baffled me.

    Mountain and Garlands are highest priority IMO though since they’re both stuck in lower quality than the others, the former being 128kbps or something and the other being about 192kbps when ripped from the DVD it’s on. More noticeable on Mountain, but they’re both great songs that deserve better.

    As to the new album, I’ve only listened to it a few times. I think the production, length and directness of the songs works in its favour but unsure whether it deserves the “best since Scarlet” praise its getting from some. Maybe it’ll grow on me but despite its consistency I’m not sure there’s anything up there with Reindeer King or Marys Eyes from the last one for me. And also, I don’t know if maybe the Atmos mixing on Apple Music is dodgy but some of the songs sound weirdly muffled, especially the ones featuring more orchestration like the first track, and her voice moves awkwardly between left and right sometimes. I echo concerns with some of the vocals - there’s so much more air in them than previously, which sometimes works but often makes me think she should use her lower register more, but this weird mixing issue makes them sound even weaker on some songs for me.

    Interested to see how she’ll do these on tour, glad she’s confirmed it’ll be a band one it seems.
  15. D'oh. Of course. I always think it's there because the live version is on the A Piano box set. Essential!

    I emailed some general inboxes at Warner Chappell and Sony to see if they can at least connect me with the right team to figure out why/if/how it would be possible to get these songs available.

    This is my Search Party, my Serial. Join me.
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  16. Ocean To Ocean is exquisite. It's been a minute since I've loved one of Tori's albums back to front like this one. What a lovely surprise.
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  17. It’s in the UK album charts at #25
  18. Deserved better. But the delay on the vinyl has hit it hard.
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  19. Definitely due to lack of vinyl! It wouldn’t gone top 20 with the extra vinyl sales.
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