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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I much preferred both performances solo to the album
  2. what a beautiful album - I just keep going back to it. Swim to New York State is up there with her very best. I wish this would be a huge comeback with the general public because it really is top quality

    she sounds great on the live Ocean to Ocean - I actually think I prefer it.
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  3. Clips of the Rough Trade event.

  4. Tori is doing a live chat on YouTube on November 30.

  5. She's doing it with Noah Michelson, who is a huge fan and will hopefully ask some questions the diehards want to know. I submitted one about her catalogue on streaming.
  6. Only just now seeing this piece she did with NME and it is absolutely amazing.
    And my very favorite:
    I love her so much.
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  7. I am screaming because I have never seen her Punk'd clip.
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  8. I need her to do "Oil Spill".
  9. I'm sad they cut off when she was about to talk about Beenie.
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  10. The interview that she's been doing with Noah has been incredible. Still going!

    highlights so far -
    "Lady Jane" was its own song but melodically became Snow Cherries From France
    "Ballerina" was a song from the scrapped album about Mark theoretically falling for a younger woman. She quoted lyrics.
    "Chiron" is a 9 minute song that didn't make Ocean to Ocean last minute because "Addition of Light Divided" kicked it off.
    "Devil's Bane" was one of the last songs she wrote for the album, but she was writing and recording through August - AFTER the cover shoot.

    So much! She's still going!
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  11. She is talking about Scarlet right now. @xOJakeXo has she answered your question about missing songs on the streaming services so far?

    edit: She just said there are surprises planned for the anniversaries of Earthquakes, Choirgirl and Scarlet. Probably vinyl related, but i am manifesting a Scarlet's Walk reissue with all of the extras and a Choirgirl remaster.
  12. Not yet! Still hoping but we're running out of time!
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  13. "Would you ever bring a doll back?"

  14. Noah is a very good interviewer but it lowkey grates on me when people pronounce her last name as "A-mose" dd
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  15. She said she can not wait for to play 16 Shades of Blue with the band. @Andy French won!
  16. How come when I'm trying to watch, it says it's private, I've been subscribed to her YouTube since 2007?!

    Hopefully it'll appear soon, I'm intrigued.
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  17. A fan recorded it and uploaded it!

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  18. It's back up on her channel now too

  19. Incredible interview, truly revelatory. I've never heard her so loose and down to earth. Her line about "What drugs was I taking" when Noah repeated the Pele-era quote. I cackled.
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