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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. My only issue with the interview is the audio. Why is it so quiet nn

    It's great otherwise though. My heart broke a bit hearing how genuinely wounded she still sounds over Pele's critical reaction
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  2. So many songs in the vault we'll likely never hear. Heartbreaking.
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  3. My supposedly signed CD is here but it isn't signed. I hate her store. I've emailed them to complain.

    The last two images (the one with green outfit in particular is a serve) of her in the booklet could've easily been the cover and they went with what we got. CHOICES.
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  4. Her official store is a total disaster.

    I ordered from Deutsche Grammophon and I got an album art card that was signed by her with a golden pen.
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  5. Did they correct your order?
  6. My order was OK from the start. The only issue I had is that they sent it some time after the release. Still do not let them get away with that. I ordered that Christmastide vinyl last year and it was not signed. I love Tori but she should get her shit together. If you want to sell something then make sure your official store is not crap.

    A few months ago I ordered music collector set at Ladyhawke official store and I still have not received my vinyl with a signed album art - another shitty customer service experience.
  7. Eurgh, I feel your pain. I’m gonna hound them till they get me the signed one. If I wanted the normal edition, I would’ve paid for that. They’re such a mess cause the packing sheet says signed and which knobhead packed the non signed version.
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  9. Still a little annoyed Christmastide was vinyl only, but maybe avoiding her store was a blessing.
  10. Mine wasn’t signed either. Spoiler alert, you’ll wait weeks for a reply only to be told the signed CDs are sold out and they’re going to refund your money.

    You’d think Tori’s “official” store would be able to rustle up a few extra signed inserts…
  11. I HATE IT! I knew that’s what they were gonna do, stupid cows!
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  12. Haha! Brace yourself for some truly underwhelming customer service!

    Someone called Lloyd asked if I was SURE it wasn’t signed. You know it’s bad when the only solution they have at their disposal is wondering aloud if you’re stupid before going straight to refund!
  13. Why didn’t you warn me sis? I could’ve just gotten the normal version without being SCAMMED lolol.
  14. Isn't her team her and her daughter.
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  15. I HATE YOU. kakaskjsjdjd
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  16. Especially as the signed bundle you can buy from the store literally has about seven items signed in it.
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  17. Got an email from Alison from Norwich (not TASH) today saying they’re sorry and they’re in the midst of checking with the label to get more signed stuff. So I guess they’re attempting to rectify it instead of just giving a refund?
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  19. This is definitely top 3 of my favourite albums this year. But I don't understand why she left the 9 minute track off when the album isn't that long?

    '29 Years' has become a standout. Also I adore 'Birthday Baby' but the strings intro ruins it for me, as they are so beautiful and moving but the song itself is kinda sexy and moody... does that make sense?
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