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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Yeah and that's why I don't totally commit to that interpretation of the song. But knowing that she'll refer to her songs in that feminine way, the "girls", I can't help it now. I just end up picturing her sitting somewhere by the sea, twirling her thumb in the water, "I guess... not every girl is popular... poor Cars and Guitars, poor Police Me... :-( "
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  2. So that's that on that.
  3. "Go whistle by the graveyard" djflkdj. She's such a dork
  4. So... uh... apparently she has a new alt-account on Twitter

    This woman, I can't.
  5. I am confusion. Her American Wig Posse is coming?
  6. As I've been slowly but surely been discovering her discography for the past year or so, I would love a new era as my first experience as a fan!
  7. Welcome to the stage the new American Doll, QuaranTori etc etc
  8. Supposedly it’s for her book promo Q&A happening today. Wigs By Vani-T
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  9. Please no wigs.
  10. Clyde <3 We missed you <3
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  11. where are you up to? Have you delved into the b-sides yet? Some of her best songs are hidden gems.
  12. This is a long shot but does anyone know of a site that had all of Toris b sides, soundtracks collected together the albums were named Sirens, Ruby, Upside Down, Song for the Faeries etc

    I had all my b sides ordered to that tracklist and it was so good but changed computers and lost the order.
  13. WELL, I'm in a full-on Tori season. In addition to the new book, I pulled out Piece By Piece and have been reading it. The story about her visit to that London doctor when she was trying to get pregnant, eek.

    I also ordered A Piano: The Collection on eBay, which arrived today, mint condition and still in the shrink wrap.
  14. I highly recommend this virtual book signing. First of all, Tash is the interviewer and she's smart as fuck. Secondly, Tori is lucid, warm, funny. It's absolutely fantastic.

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  15. Tash should be the only person allowed to interview Tori.
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  16. She did an interview with (the incredible) Noah Michelson today. He always gets the best out of her! Before the interview, he asked if she would dig into her journal archive. She brought out an old journal from 2006 and was literally reading straight from it, including songs we'd heard of (Inside Job, anyone?) and ones we hadn't (Cocoa Confesses, Christmas In July, and many more). Unfortunately there were some frustrating technical issues but both Tori and Noah handled them with ease. Tash stepped in eventually, who I stan more than ever.

    My friend had his question answered as well about a live archive. She said that if Noah sent her a list of shows, she'd give them to Mark to see about releasing them (!!!).

    In terms of the new album, she said has an idea of the sonic direction but that she's mostly constructing the bones still. I honestly have no idea where she's going to focus!

    I hope the stream is posted regardless of the technical issues. It was fantastic.
  17. I still haven't listened to any of her b-sides because the main albums are so demanding!!! But wow, she is truly amazing. It was a long time ago I felt so much listening to an artists music.

    I'm listening to Choirgirl, the debut and Under the Pink a lot. Also mixing it up with Scarlet's Walk. Only listened to Boys fo Pele ones but I loved that first listen. Can't wait to dive into that album more.
    I still have to digest all of the 90's material a bit more because every time I listen I find something new to analyze or feel. Also somehow listened to Unrepentant Geraldines and liked it a lot!
  18. Sugar, Flying Dutchman and Honey are essential b sides
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  19. Ugh I’m mad I missed it. Thank you for the recap!

    Is it bad that one of these days I kinda want somebody to ask her if she knows about Oranges And See It Crying? She has to have heard about it by now dd
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  20. Forgotten Earthquakes
    The Faeries' Revenge
    Golden Hordes and The Lord
    Sirens / Liquid For The Velvets
    Turning Ruby

    I remember the blog, but it's long gone.
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